The stars came out in force for Robert Pattinson’s wedding to long-time girlfriend and socialite, Bella Hadid last weekend in Paris. The couple exchanged vows at the Paris Cathedral and guests included a bevy of A-list celebs.

But just because the wedding party was filled with familiar faces doesn’t mean what actually transpired was as exciting as you might think. While Bella and Robert looked dreamy as always in their ivory wedding dresses, their vows were merely a formality as they’ve already spent more than a year living together as a couple.

And it wasn’t just about the wedding day. The lovebirds have been through a lot together and are clearly determined to make their relationship work. So if you’re struggling with romance, don’t give up hope – even the most unlikely couples can fall in love if they try hard enough.

The Most Stunning Vows

While we wait for the release of the wedding album, let’s take a look at some of the most stunning vows the couple said during the ceremony.

“I, Robert Pattinson, take you, Bella Hadid, as my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part.”

Bella’s heartfelt “I do’s” were truly extraordinary. The 25-year-old actress was accompanied by her parents and siblings as she made her grand entrance down the red carpet. She was then handed a piece of paper that read, “I do, Robert Pattinson, love you more than you can know.” The “Someday” singer then recited a list of romantic quotes, giving voice to each of the reasons why she decided to marry the Twilight star.

“I love your crazy hair, your piercing eyes, your unruly beard, your muscular arms, your rough voice, and the way you make me feel like a little girl. I love your laugh and the way you make me feel safe. I love your tattoos and how they make me feel. I love your smell and how it makes me feel. I love your heart and how it makes me feel. I love that you’re not perfect, that you have scars and that you’re not ashamed of them. I love that you cry sometimes when you watch movies. I love that you’re not like other handsome men. I love your imperfections. I love your energy and how we can be ourselves together. I love your bandana and how it makes you feel stronger. I love your voice, how it makes me feel closer to nature.”

Wedding Guests And More In-Laws

Another interesting detail about Robert Pattinson’s wedding was the presence of his in-laws. The actor’s parents, Fred and Bonnie, are both first-generation Americans and were married in the United States in 1955. They are now the proud grandparents of three busy young muses – Gigi, Moon and Alexandria.

Fred and Bonnie were among the first group of guests to arrive at the Paris Cathedral, along with the rest of their family. The couple then sat with Bella and her entourage as their daughter got ready for the big day. Later, Fred and Bonnie made their way to the reception after a brief stop at the gilded altar.

Moon and Alexandria were wedding guests, as well as Gigi’s children, Astor, Thora and Freya. Their daughter’s godmother, Hailey, was best man and her brother, Oliver, performed the bride’s father’s duties as best man. Oliver would later officiate at Bella and Robert’s civil union in December 2014.

No Wedding Cake And Mock Drinks

Another thing that stood out about Robert Pattinson’s wedding was the absence of a wedding cake and the presence of mock drinks. The couple opted for a “no gifts” policy for the wedding, and guests were asked to bring food or drinks that reflect the couple’s personalities. So, apart from the obligatory champagne and caviar, guests were served mocktails, flat whites and seltzers to mimic the couple’s chosen beverages.

It’s likely that the couple’s advisors had something to do with the selection of mock drinks. After all, who wouldn’t like to think that the person they’re marrying is a cocktail enthusiast? As for the lack of a wedding cake, the couple already had an engagement cake which they cut and shared on their respective Instagram accounts along with hearts and the letters “RB”.

The Overall Aesthetic

Last but not least, let’s take a moment to appreciate the overall aesthetic of the wedding. The bride and groom both opted for a rustic, natural décor and combined elements of both their cultures. As the wedding party arrived at the cathedral, guests were treated to a warm welcome by Napoleanne, the hotel where the event was being held, and were seated for the ceremony. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests made their way to Rue Saint-Sauveur, the street where the wedding lunch was being served.

The couple’s chosen wedding venue, the Hôtel de Ville, was designed by the famous French architect, Hockney and co-designed, with Richard Tuohy, the U.S. embassy in Paris. Richard and his team of planners had worked closely with the couple to create an unforgettable day that reflected their personalities and their desire to create a celebration that was true to French traditions while at the same time being inspired by their new life together.

The overall impression that one gets from Robert Pattinson’s wedding is of an elegant yet relaxed event. The laidback atmosphere was in line with the relaxed but fashionable vibe that the superstar and his wife have cultivated over the years. Guests were invited to bring their cameras and snap pictures as the couple made their grand entrance down the red carpet, then enjoyed a beautifully arranged ceremony and were served celebratory cocktails. What a way to start a new life together!