While it’s wonderful to get some fresh air in the form of a sunny day, staying inside on a hot day can be torture. Unless, of course, you’ve got the perfect place to escape to.

For a while, it seemed as though Robert Pattinson’s (the Twilight star) luck was turning as he met and began dating a different beautiful woman every few months. Not only was he able to woo the likes of Kristen Stewart and Sienna Miller, but he managed to keep the relationships fairly private. Well, that is until recently when he announced that he is in a committed relationship with a woman named Emily.[[Image]: http://i1.wp.com/www.gettyimages.com/gfx/american-apple-blossom-emily-pattinson-robert-pattinson/345175087?fit=800%2C600&ssl=1&colorschememai=0&background=0&text=0&link=1&border=0]]

If you follow celebrity news closely, you’ll know that this past summer, Robert Pattinson made the decision to commit to Emily. And though we still don’t know all the details about their meeting or what drew them together, it’s clear that she is a very different woman to the women he’s dated in the past. While she is still very beautiful, Emily is actually a lot more subdued than most of the Hollywood stars he’s dated over the years. She doesn’t appear to be interested in the spotlight or the high life, which is probably what has drawn Rob to a relationship with her.

She Prefers a Few Close Friends

One of the first things that you’ll notice about Emily is that she doesn’t seem to like or dislike anyone. While this may seem like an odd quality in a girlfriend, maybe it’s not. After all, being in a committed relationship with someone who doesn’t have any glaring flaws or major character issues doesn’t seem like the greatest idea to begin with. In addition, maybe she feels more comfortable being around people she knows and trusts, since we all tend to be more guarded and closed off when it comes to romantic relationships.

Her Style Is Minimalistic

While most of the women Rob has dated in the past have tended to go for elaborate outfits or for something more traditional, Emily is firmly in the minimalism camp. This summer, she went for some rather interesting and minimalistic outfits. And though she has a beautiful body, maybe it’s because she feels more comfortable in simple, beautiful dresses and skirts that showcase her figure. Or maybe she just feels that a colorful outfit won’t compliment her dark hair and eyes as well as a plain dress would.

She’s Not Into Shopping

Besides not liking to be in the spotlight and not being interested in the high life, Emily also doesn’t appear to be into shopping. This may seem like an odd quality for a potential girlfriend, but maybe it’s not. After all, what girl doesn’t like to shop? But beyond just liking to look at clothing and accessories, does she actually like to buy things for herself? Not according to Rob. In fact, he mentioned in an interview that she doesn’t really like to go shopping for clothes, which is likely why she tends to go for simple, minimalistic dresses and skirts. Still, this may not be the case, as she did end up buying some rather spectacular pieces this past summer, but more on that later.

Now, it’s important to note that not all of Emily’s clothing choices and minimalism are bad. In fact, it’s probably pretty cool that she doesn’t really like to go to great lengths to look extraordinary. After all, who wants to constantly feel like they have to dress up to impress their loved ones and acquaintances? Besides, she does have a rather stunning collection of vintage dresses and skirts that she wears with a simple black or white T-shirt and some strappy heels to complete the look. And don’t get me wrong, those are some serious pieces of clothing that she wears with confidence. So, while shopping may not be her thing, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to dress well.

She Prefers to Go To Bed In Tandem

Going to bed with your partner is something that most couples do to make sure that they stay close and connected while also allowing each other some time to recharge. But for Emily and Rob, it’s become something a little bit more. They’ve started going to bed in tandem, holding hands and spooning while they sleep. In an interview with Grazia, he revealed that they tend to roll over and hold hands while they sleep, which is something that they’ve been doing for about a year. Still, this isn’t something that they do every night, just when they’ve finished filming a movie or if they’ve had a particularly stressful day. So, while it may not seem like a big deal to most, maybe it’s something that they do to let their sleeping patterns regulate and to fall asleep more quickly. Or maybe they just like to cuddle up while they sleep and feel closer to each other while they dream. Who knows? All I know is that it’s a sweet sight to see them sleeping like that. And if that’s not your thing, maybe it’s time to consider other options.

She’s Not into Going To Great Lengths

Now, let’s get back to shopping, which is what this article is really all about. It wouldn’t be fair to say that Emily doesn’t like to shop, because she clearly does. Still, she doesn’t like to go to great lengths to look extraordinary, which is probably why she goes for simple, plain outfits more often than not. This summer was an exception, as she did end up buying some stunning pieces, mostly vintage dresses and accessories, which are probably worth a lot more than she paid for them. Still, beyond the vintage clothing, her overall style doesn’t really change that much from season to season. If anything, she seems to go for bolder and more elaborate outfits in the summer, as she did for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in February. So, while she may like to shop and buy beautiful things, she doesn’t appear to be interested in showing them off or making a grand entrance. This may not be the case, however, as she did end up showing off her beautiful figure at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in February. So, it may be that she does like to make a grand entrance and feel that she’s accomplished something through her clothing. Still, this isn’t a bad thing, as she is in fact quite talented at putting outfits together and knowing how to dress a woman.

She’s Into The Little Things

Shopping is only one aspect of Emily’s life, as she is also very keen on taking care of herself mentally and spiritually. In addition to sleeping with her partner, she also practices yoga and meditates for about an hour before bedtime. This practice serves to help her sleep and relax. Still, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like going out for walks, playing games, or being with her family and friends. She just does these things in a much more relaxed manner than most people do. This may also have something to do with the fact that she doesn’t like to go to great lengths to look exceptional, but rather takes pride in wearing something that she feels comfortable and confident in.

While Emily is clearly a lovely and talented woman, it’s also important to remember that not everything about her is perfect. For example, she has some rather interesting fashion habits, which you’ll soon discover. Still, maybe the things that she doesn’t like about herself are what make her so perfect for Rob. Maybe she has so much affection for herself that it’s overflowing and she sees no flaws in her that she ends up loving every bit of herself. Or maybe she just knows how to dress women to compliment their figures and she feels that this is something that she can do for Rob and for others as well. Either way, it’s certainly an interesting dichotomy and not something that we often see in celebrities. Still, it’s good to know that there’s more than one way to wear pink and that it doesn’t have to be linked to cancer. Because as much as we hate to admit it, that damn virus is all around us.