Robert Pattinson is one of the most popular and well-known actors. He became famous for playing the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. Now, many people want to know the meaning of his famous quotes. Here are some Robert Pattinson quotes that you may know or hear. Check out more quotes at

When Asked If He Reads Much, He Replies, “No, But … I Watch A Lot Of Television”

When asked if he reads much, Pattinson replies, “No, but… I watch a lot of television,” revealing he probably doesn’t spend a lot of time reading. This seems to suggest that he doesn’t really enjoy reading and would rather be doing other things. The truth is, he probably doesn’t have the time to read a lot, what with filming and all the promotional activities that come with being an actor. Still, if he had more time to read, he probably would’ve been happier. Maybe then, he wouldn’t have said some of the awful things he’s said about books.

“I Was Born In The U.K., But Im An American,” He Tells Interviewers

Another thing about Pattinson is that he likes to play around with different accents and mannerisms. One of the things he does a lot is impersonate different speakers and try out different accents. One of the quotes below is from an interview where he does this. He imitates a British accent and says, “I was born in the U.K., but I’m an American.” This quote is from the 2013 New York Times Bestseller Born To Dance. You can read the whole quote below:

“I think the key to my happiness lies in my acting,” he says. “I love the process of developing a character and discovering something new about myself through my work. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to exist inside another person’s skin, to feel like you understand them on a deeper level because you’ve been there.”

Pattinson has a very unique and personal perspective on life. He’s talked about how hard it was for him to lose his mother at a young age, about how much he appreciated acting even when he was little, and about how he feels like he can connect with older generations thanks to his work. These are all things you may not have known about the 27-year-old star if you didn’t read his books or watch his movies. He’s opened up about family secrets, his drug addiction, and even his sexuality. One thing you may have noticed about him is that he’s quite the romantic. In fact, he’s often been referred to as a “playboy.” Although he’s always denied it, many believe that the Twilight Saga is based on his own romantic experience. So, perhaps that’s why he thinks romance is such an important part of life. On the topic of marriage, he revealed that he’s open to the idea. “I’m not saying never,” he said in 2018. “But it has to be the right person, it has to be mutual.”

Whether or not he’s ever married, Pattinson has certainly been a part of the Hollywood dating scene for a while now. He dated actress and comedian Kate Winslet for about a year before they broke up. After that, he went on to date model and musician Beth Gibbons for a while. Most recently, he was seen with actress Emily Brown for a while before the split. It’s clear that he’s been a free agent since 2015 when he finished Twilight. Still, he’s only been in a few movies since, choosing projects that interest him. One of the projects he’s currently on is the Broadway-bound drama Emperor And God, based on William Shakespeare’s Antonio And Cleopatra. You can read the entire play here.

“I Think All The Great Dramas And Heroes Lie Within Art,” He Says

Pattinson has big dreams. He says that he wants to be remembered for his acting, not his relationships with women. Still, it’s clear that his personal life is something he’s very proud of. He talks about how he wants to make a difference in the world, how he admires artists such as Shakespeare and Marcel Duchamp, and how he feels that he can connect with people thanks to his work. He also thinks that all the great dramas and heroes lie within art. It’s unclear what he means by this, but it sounds like a beautiful sentiment.

“Acting Is A Never-Ending Journey, Whether You’re Happy With Your Performance Or Not,” He Says

Pattinson doesn’t just talk about his work in interviews. He also talks about the impact that his work has had on him personally. He’s opened up about how he feels insecure in his own skin. He wants to be the best version of himself that he can be, which is why he takes acting so seriously. That fear of not being good enough can hold him back, but he knows it. He also knows that it’s something he has to work through. “I think acting is a very unique experience,” he said. “It’s a constant learning process and an ever-evolving one. Whether you’re happy with your performance or not, you’re still experiencing new things and growing as an actor.”

It can be difficult to find the perfect quote that represents Robert Pattinson, but these quotes below are pretty close. They come from a combination of his interviews, his books, and his music. Still, there’s something about them that speaks to you, doesn’t it? Hopefully, these quotes will help you to better understand why people love Robert Pattinson so much and continue to follow his career today.