Robert Pattinson truly is a marvel. The actor, singer, and songwriter has been responsible for some of the most memorable movie moments of recent years, most notably in Twentieth Century Women. With a string of film and music successes under his belt, it would be easy for Rob to sit back and rest on his laurels. But the 47-year-old singer-songwriter still has a lot to offer – and fans will soon get the opportunity to find out what that is as he continues to make an impact in Hollywood with his band, The Robert Pattinson Group (RPG).

Despite his success, Rob still considers himself a “work in progress” and is quick to throwback to lessons learned in his past. He opened up to Vogue about the importance of family and friendship, and how to achieve success in today’s entertainment industry. Here, he reveals his thought process behind some of his biggest decisions throughout his life and career.


Describing his childhood as “ordinary,” Rob admits he didn’t experience much family life growing up in London. “I got on with my mum and dad, and there were no major problems. I was very fortunate. My parents were cool with me exploring music and acting; they didn’t have a problem with it at all. They just wanted me to be happy.”

It’s clear that his upbringing inspired Rob to pursue his own path in life, and it’s an approach that’s served him well. From the beginning, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in entertainment and remembers getting extremely excited when he received a phone call about landing a part in his first feature film. However, it wasn’t long before Rob fell in with a “bad crowd” and began using drugs and alcohol, leading him on an undesirable path. He eventually kicked the habit and is now firmly committed to living a healthy lifestyle. He is also a firm believer in the influence of music and the power it holds to inspire and encourage. He cites artists such as Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain as major influences, and is a staunch supporter of today’s emerging artists, saying, “I love what the music industry is doing at the moment – there are so many amazing, talented artists out there who deserve to be discovered. If I could influence another person to go into the arts, it would be an amazing gift.”

But it wasn’t just his family and friends who helped shape Rob into the man he is today. After spending nearly a decade in Hollywood working low-wage jobs, he made the decision to return to England to be with his children. He took a long break after the birth of his daughter, Lily Rose, and says he needed to “reconnect with my roots”. It was an opportunity to grow as an individual and gain some much-needed confidence, and he took full advantage of it. He began taking acting classes and enrolled in a theater degree at the University of East Anglia. While at university, he formed a sketch group with some of his classmates, and after graduating, he landed a role in the critically acclaimed series, Sex Education. Since then, his career has taken off and he is now one of the world’s most in-demand actors.


With his remarkable acting skill and chameleon-like ability to transform himself into any character, it’s no wonder that Hollywood bosses are fighting over who gets to work with Rob. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to make a difference in peoples’ lives through his music and philanthropic work. He is particularly passionate about animal rights and regularly contributes to organizations that protect animals.

Rob’s diverse CV currently boasts some incredible credits, including Twentieth Century Women, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the upcoming Dark Phoenix. It would appear that Hollywood isn’t done testing the waters with this “new generation of British actors” just yet.


It’s clear that playing the field was never an option for the charming and intelligent Rob. He wanted to love and be loved by as many people as possible and continues to speak about his “polyamorous” lifestyle in interviews. After dating various women in Los Angeles for several years, he finally met his match in the person of Victoria’s Secret Angel, Victoria Beckham. The couple began dating in 2011 and were engaged a year later. Since then, they’ve been very open about their relationship and enjoy sharing special moments together. They welcomed their first child, a son named Camden, in September 2017, and couldn’t be more pleased to be expanding their family.

Rob has also been linked to fellow actress Emily Brown – mother to his two children with Beckham – and singer and actress Bella Thorne. It seems that some people just can’t get enough of the Brit and his charm, with many praising his efforts to “find love again” after such a long break. While it’s certainly none of our business, we can’t help but wonder if all this dating is simply to keep him out of his children’s Instagram feeds!


From the moment he burst onto the scene with his breakout role in the 2004 film, Venus, Rob has had a special connection with music. The film itself was a love letter to the music of the 1960s and was met with favorable reviews and commercial success. Since then, his music taste has evolved along with his style, and today he lists bands such as The Doors, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones as some of his favorites. He has also been known to incorporate songs into his performances, and has even covered songs by other artists. It’s clear that music is a source of both joy and inspiration for Rob, who often speaks about the positive effect it has had on his life.


If you’re a big fan of Rob – or just want to do something nice for him – you could always give him the kudos he deserves by donating to a charity that supports artists and their work. It would appear that Hollywood agrees, too, with some of his films earning numerous nominations and awards in the process. He is also a firm believer in the positive influence of art and music on society and feels deeply connected to the LGBTQ community due to his own background. He supports various animal rights organizations and has lent his talents to various charities, including Heifer International, World Animal Protection, and Animal Equality.

As exciting as his future looks, there is one thing we can all be sure of. No matter what comes next, whether it’s another hit film or a world tour, one thing is for sure. No matter what, we’re pretty sure that, as an actor, singer, and songwriter, he will continue to succeed.