Robert Pattinson, actor, singer, and heartthrob, has been in the public eye since his breakout role in the Twilight franchise. From his acting talent and singing skills to his fashion sense and overall general appeal, Robert Pattinson definitely has a huge and dedicated fanbase.

One of the questions that fans have long wondered is if Robert Pattinson has his ears pierced.

Does Robert Pattinson Have His Ears Pierced?

The answer to this question is…not exactly.

Robert Pattinson does not have his ears pierced in the traditional sense. He does, however, have three small silver studs on the top of his left ear. This is a style known as “cluster piercing” or “stacked piercing”. It’s not a traditional single piercing on the lobe like many people typically think of when they think of ear piercings.

Pattinson has also been seen wearing clip-on earrings, but it’s unclear if they’re for fashion or functionality.

When Did Robert Pattinson Get His Ears Pierced?

Robert Pattinson has been wearing the three small silver studs since at least 2009. It’s unclear exactly when he got them pierced, but it’s safe to say that he’s had them for at least a decade.

It’s also unclear why he chose to get the “cluster piercing” instead of a more traditional ear piercings. It could be that he simply likes the style, or it could be that he wanted something a little different. Whatever the reason, it’s a unique style that sets him apart from the rest of Hollywood.

Is Robert Pattinson’s Piercing Real?

Yes, the piercing is real. It’s not a clip-on earring or anything of the like. It’s a real piercing with real jewelry.

Does Robert Pattinson Have Any Other Piercings?

At this time, there is no evidence that Robert Pattinson has any other piercings. He’s never been seen wearing multiple piercings on any other part of his body, so it’s safe to assume that he only has the one in his left ear.


Robert Pattinson does not have a traditional ear piercing. However, he does have a “cluster piercing” with three small silver studs on the top of his left ear. The piercing is real and there’s no evidence that he has any other piercings.

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