Most celebrities’ hair changes over the years, but rarely do they completely overhaul their style as Robert Pattinson has done. The actor and musician recently chopped off his hair and it’s been so refreshing to see.

Before the haircut, Pattinson’s hair fell into the classic bobbed haircut pattern that was fashionable in the 1950s. While this haircut is suitable for several decades, it’s not the most fashionable style in contemporary society. With the new cut, created by celebrity hairstylist Gucci Westmore, the actor is aiming to freshen up his look.

Why Did He Cut Off His Hair?

Pattinson’s new hairstyle is a reflection of a transformation he’s been going through for a while. Over the years, the Twilight actor’s looks have morphed from a scruffy teen to a brooding heartthrob. He started with bangs and gradually tapered them off until they were no longer noticeable. After a while, he started growing his hair out. Then, he chopped it all off last year.

Throughout his teens, the 21-year-old actor mostly went for traditional hairstyles, often sporting a messy bun or a teeny braid. He had a love-hate relationship with his hair, often wearing wigs to change his appearance. Even in the last movie, The World’s Greatest Dad, where he played a superhero, he sported his hair in a messy bun.

This is far from the first time Pattinson has completely changed his look. Back in 2013, he had a full-blown hairstyle transformation for the role of Marlow in the movie, The Rover.

How Does His Fashion Choices Reflect His Transformation?

It’s clear that the former Twilight member is experimenting with different hair types and looks, trying to find the style that makes him feel most comfortable in his skin. The evolution in hairstyle is also a reflection of his changing attitude towards fashion, style, and how he sees himself. After years of putting fashion first, his style choices reflect this new found mindset. Gone are the wigs and messy buns, and in their place are cool hairstyles and polished outfits.

This is evident when we compare his old and new hairstyle. Before the chop, the actor sported a short hairstyle with a couple of random bangs here and there. He then wore his hair in a messy bun, which he took down in the morning and then wore in curls all day, every day. Now, he’s totally taken off his hair’s natural wave, and instead opts for softer, smoother strands. Not only has his hairstyle changed, so has his fashion choices as well.

A Total Game Changer

Pattinson’s new hair is not just a style update; it’s a total game changer. Not only has he grown out of his awkward teen years, but he now has the confidence to embrace his natural wave hair and style it how he sees fit. This newfound freedom is evident in every way, from his choice of haircut to his accessories and how he dresses.

The former Disney kid now wears his hair in cool, polished styles, which are perfect for this time of year. This is most evident in the form of sculptural curls for the new year, as well as a slick back hairstyle for those cool summer nights.

Not only does his hair mark a total transformation, but so does his choice of accessories. Gone are the days of overdressing, as the actor has swapped his oversize headphones for small, fashionable ones. This isn’t the first time he’s swapped his blazers for less traditional items, either. He recently wore a floral-print dress to the 2018 Golden Globes and completely accessorized the look with sunglasses, a watch, and a scarf.

This isn’t to say that the actor doesn’t wear traditional items, but it’s important to recognize that his choices aren’t solely based on what’s trending. Instead, he opts for stylish and comfortable staples that he feels good in.

Looking back, it’s clear that Pattinson’s transition from awkward teen to style icon wasn’t easy. While he never truly embraced his natural wave hair, he’s finally found the confidence to style it the way he sees fit. This newfound attitude is something to celebrate!