After four years apart, Hollywood’s most popular on-screen couple have reunited. The British actor and his longtime girlfriend, Fiancee, announced their engagement earlier this week. The pair first fell in love while shooting the 2013 movie adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling Harry Potter books. Since then, news of their blissful union has spread like wildfire, prompting a social media frenzy.

Pattinson, who plays the role of the all-powerful Dark Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, initially kept his professional life and personal life separate, rarely speaking about his time on set or off-screen. However, in the wake of his engagement, the British actor has opened up about the making of the blockbuster franchise, revealing the intimate details of his romantic relationship with the famous literary villain.

The Making of the Dark Lord

Before he was thrust into the spotlight as a powerful Hollywood leading man, Robert Pattinson spent a decade playing child wizards in the Harry Potter series. The 31-year-old English actor famously turned down a role in the first installment of the franchise, The Sorcerer’s Stone, to pursue acting in London. When he ultimately landed the part of Lord Voldemort in 2010’s Death Eaters, he was making his American TV debut. The following year, he and his co-stars (with the exception of Emma Watson) returned for a tour of North America to promote the film.

The Dark Lord’s rise to power in Rowling’s sprawling fantasy series is one of the most fascinating narrative engines in contemporary pop culture. The film adaptation followed a near-identical plot to the one in the books, with the exception of a few key changes. The most glaring example is how Voldemort is finally defeated when his own apprentice, Tom Riddle (played by Joe Dempsie), kills him with a kiss. In the books, Voldemort is ultimately brought down by a combination of factors, including Ginny’s sacrifice and the return of Harry’s father, Albus Dumbledore. However, the final showdown with Voldemort is perhaps the most exciting part of the series, and it is a moment that continues to resonate with audiences.

Romantic Reunion

After the climactic moment in which Voldemort is killed by his own pupil, the story takes a surprising turn. According to Pattinson, the screenwriter for the series, Steve Kloves, approached him with an idea to give the actor a romantic reunion with his love, Luna Lovegood (played by Georgina Campbell). The screenwriter asked if he’d like to have a drink with Luna to discuss ideas for the script, and their conversation soon turned to romance. They ended up meeting for a drink the following day and had a brief conversation about their feelings for one another. After that, Luna showed up at his house every night for a few weeks, leaving only for photo shoots and press events. The actor did not learn of Campbell’s involvement in his personal life until after the fact, when the press revealed the truth.

The Real Reason For The Reunions

In the weeks since their reunion has been announced, many have speculated as to why the star and his Fiancee have decided to make it official. The popular theory is that they are finally doing the right thing and ending their four-year professional relationship, which began when they met on the set of Twilight in 2008. Pattinson initially maintained that he and his partner, Fiancee, were just taking a break before making any long-term decisions about their relationship, but that explanation has since gone out the window, as he has spoken publicly about their plans to wed.

Other possibilities include that the star and his partner are looking to start a family or that they are finally satisfied with their shared living arrangements and don’t want to be tied down by a two-year lease on a house. However, given that they have already been married once before, it is quite possible that they are looking to make their relationship official once again. According to a report in the UK’s Daily Mail, the reunion has actually been in the works for a while and was accelerated by the news of their story line in the Harry Potter films. In that same vein, the publication reports that the pair have been having secret meetings for some time in order to chart a course for the future.

Troubled Past

The 31-year-old English actor has a complicated history in and out of relationships. He was engaged to Japanese actress and model Noami Ayama for several months in 2007, and even though the pair called off the engagement in favor of focusing on their careers, they have remained friendly ever since. Ayama later accused the actor of emotional abuse, which he denied, and in 2016 she filed for divorce. In 2015, the English actor was in a serious car accident that nearly took his life. The accident was his fault, but he had no criminal record and received a warning instead of a ticket. Although he has managed to keep his personal life out of the headlines, the incident still follows him around the world. In the wake of the accident, he spent a lot of time in hospital and therapy. He has also been involved in several on-set accidents, including one where he seriously injured his back.

No Regrets

While on the topic of relationships, it is important to acknowledge that Pattinson has no regrets about being in his current position of power and influence. He has always felt blessed to be able to follow his dreams and express himself through his work. He has, however, admitted that he sometimes feels sorry for the adults he has portrayed in the Harry Potter series, as they have had to grow up so fast. One of the biggest changes he has had to make is to lower his voice, as Voldemort is a malevolent entity who communicates through grunts, roars, and other inhuman noises. The actor has even tweeted about how hard it is to keep his true identity a secret while performing such physically demanding roles. He has also spoken about feeling empowered by playing powerful men, as he believes they can be strong yet vulnerable at the same time. Finally, Pattinson has expressed that he tries not to focus on the negative things in his life, as he feels that would make him a weak person. He has also spoken about how fortunate he is to have such loving family and friends, as well as fans who have stuck by him through thick and thin.