The news that Robert Pattinson will play the villain in the Batman vs. Superman upcoming movie caused quite the commotion when it broke. The Twilight actor is usually known for playing quirky and funny characters, but this is one role he’ll have to tackle head-on. And he’s taking it very seriously, too. At least, based on the recently released trailer for the film.

The trailer shows a more serious and darker side to Batman, highlighting his brooding and damaged persona. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing from Pattinson in the role. The 52-year-old’s hair is a little longer, his brows a little more defined, and his eyes seem a little more focused. He even sports a very un-Batman like glare.

The Perfect Villain For Batman

Now, it’s important to note here that not all villains need to be as serious as Batman’s. Indeed, it depends on the kind of drama they’re trying to pull off. And it seems as though Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have chosen a perfect foil for their take on the caped crusader.

Pattinson will play Superman’s archenemy, Lex Luthor, and although we don’t know much about him at this point, his mere presence will be more than enough to rattle the Man of Steel. A billionaire genius with a twisted sense of humor, who invents machines that allow him to look like anyone he wants, apparently, and an obsession with Catwoman, among other things.

Lex Luthor has appeared in a number of films and TV shows over the years, but mostly, he’s been portrayed as a one-dimensional villain. The trailers for Batman vs. Superman seem to be giving us a more complex character, one with dimensions and layers that we could get invested in.


While the trailers don’t give us much to go on, it’s clear that Pattinson is bringing his A-game to the part, and he’s not afraid to show it. The entire trailer is dripping with pathos, as we watch Pattinson express his revenge on the people who wronged him.

In the trailers, we see him humiliate, taunt, and even hurt the people who abused him. It’s clear that he’s taking this revenge in the most personal way possible, and it makes for an incredibly chilling and intense experience. Just when you think the trailer can’t get any more intense, it does. At one point, we see Pattinson’s character throw a karate chop at a person’s head, stunning them.

While it may not seem like it at first, it’s clear that Batman vs. Superman is going to be Robert Pattinson’s farewell to acting. The trailer shows him shutting down all of his various other projects to focus on this one part. He’ll reportedly play the role of Luthor for the next two years, with the goal of being physically and mentally prepared for the part.

A More Complex Character

While details about Batman vs. Superman are still scarce, what we do know is that the film will focus on a world where both Batman and Superman inhabit the same universe. It’s unclear, however, whether they’re working together to solve crimes or even if they know each other. Based on the trailer, it seems as though they do.

What is clear, though, is that their relationship will be complicated, to say the least. The film opens with a scene that strongly implies that the two heroes have a past, or at least, that they have something to say to each other. But their relationship, for lack of a better word, will be heavily impacted by circumstance. Their goal, ultimately, is to stop Lex Luthor, but it’s unclear how they’ll go about doing that. And when they inevitably set their eyes on him, will that spark a friendship, or will their pasts get in the way?

One of the most interesting things about Batman vs. Superman is how much it suggests about the state of superhero comics today. With DC Comics, in general, trying to figure out a way to make their characters more mainstream, the trailers for this movie suggest that the characters can coexist in the same universe, or even work together, which is a significant step forward for comics. Plus, the rise of social media has made it much easier for fans of the industry to stay connected, even if they aren’t physically in the same place.

Final Remarks

While we don’t know much about the plot of Batman vs. Superman yet, it’s clear that the superhero world will be shaken by the introduction of this villain. And though it’s sad to see Robert Pattinson go, it’s great to see him put his dramatic talents to such good use. It seems like a no-brainer that he was the perfect choice for Luthor, and based on the trailers, it’s evident that he’s been preparing himself mentally and physically for the role. Let’s hope that he makes the most of it, and that we see a lot more of him on the big screen.