Ever since he announced back in April that he had purchased an apartment in Paris, people have been guessing as to whom he might be living with. With his previous relationships coming to an end and a new city to explore, fans are curious as to what his next steps might be.

While it’s been reported that he visited Parisian designer Marc Jacobs’ atelier several times to try on new outfits, there aren’t any signs that he’s made any firm connections there. Instead, a new Instagram post from the designer suggests that he might be spending time with actress Kristen Stewart.

The post shows two women, one wearing a blue dress with black trim and the other wearing a yellow dress with green trim. The model’s names are Matilda and Sofia, and the caption reads, “Having fun at @robertpattinson’s Paris apartment. Heading to the cinema to see a film with @kristenstewart. Hope you’re having fun wherever you are.”

Based on the photos, it’s clear that the pair are having fun together and that the designer took the opportunity to play around with colors.

Some eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that one of the models’ names is misspelled. When they discovered that it was actually spelled “Sofia”, they wondered if the designer had mixed up the letters of the girl’s last name. Indeed, the girl in the blue dress has the same surname as Robert Pattinson: “Pattinson”, not “Sofia”. This was obviously a typo made by the designer.

Another Mystery Mansion In Paris

Recently, another Instagram post from Pattinson revealed that he had explored the Parisian suburbs and purchased a mansion there. The actor’s previous homes have always been a source of intrigue for fans, so this new purchase will add yet another mystery to his collection. With rumors that he’s been spotted in the French capital dressed in Arab clothing, it will be interesting to see what else he chooses to keep secret about his private life.

Although there aren’t any official details about the exact location of the new mansion, fans have managed to find it through their own means. A French website called ‘Nestopia’ published a list of real-life counterparts for the various characters in Pattinson’s upcoming movie, ‘Suicide Squad’. Their findings allowed them to pinpoint the exact address of the mansion, which has now been shared online.

Kristen Stewart In Paris?

While fans will be thrilled to have yet another juicy bit of information about Pattinson’s love life, it’s important to keep in mind that these pieces of gossip can oftentimes be fake news. As we’ve established, this is a man who enjoys keeping his romantic relationships under wraps, so there’s always a chance that these reports might not be true.

Of course, it would be lovely to have this information confirmed one way or the other. Perhaps he has purchased a mansion in Paris after all, and perhaps he is headed to Hollywood to live with Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie. Who knows? All we can do is wait and see what Pattinson decides to share about his personal life in the coming months.