I will admit: I was initially skeptical when I heard about the Twilight Saga, mainly because I did not know who Robert Pattinson was. However, after viewing the first movie, I was floored. The man can act. No, he is more than an actor; he is an artist. And let’s be honest, not many artists can play a role that requires them to dance, wear tight clothing, and be chased by vampires.

The actor was born on April 3, 1985 in London. He began his acting career in 2009, after relocating to Los Angeles. He made his debut in the horror film Detention. Since then, he has appeared in a slew of high-profile films, including Twilight, Never Letting Go, and the just-released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In 2015, he will appear in Woody Allen’s comedy Cafe France. On television, he has had roles on Pretty Little Liars, The Firm, and Suits. He is also the face of a major advertising campaign for Calvin Klein.

He Is A Professional

Robert Pattinson is no amateur when it comes to acting. The Twilight Saga films alone attest to his dedication as an actor. The former ballet dancer studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dance. He then trained in improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade. And let’s not forget about his performance in the Oscar-nominated film The Lost Prince, where he played the titular character, an autistic savant who is also mentally ill.

Pattinson’s characters are usually well-adjusted and mature adults. However, he is known to occasionally play teenagers and young adults, which he did in the upcoming teen drama To All the Boys I Loved Before. Even in his early 20s, his characters exhibit a sense of responsibility and maturity befitting an adult. It is refreshing to see an acting career built on integrity and professionalism.

He Is A Gentlemens’ Club Expert

If you are unfamiliar, gentlemen’s clubs are fancy hotel bars that only men can enter. If you go there with your wife or girlfriend, you will not be served alcohol unless you are also drinking it. Well, Robert Pattinson is a member of such a club, and he takes his responsibilities there seriously. Even if he is not working, he always makes sure to visit his local gentlemen’s club. He loves to chat with the bar staff and other club regulars about anything and everything. He even takes time to study the minutiae of etiquette, so that he can behave properly and contribute to the conversation. He is one of the kindest, gentlest, and most professional men I know. He is also a great conversationalist and does not bite his tongue when it comes to matters of taste.

He Wears Great Jeans

If there is one place where you can always find Pattinson, it’s at a red-carpet event. The actor is rarely ever seen outside of jeans, and when he is, it is usually because he feels like he is ripping off an outfit from the film. He even does his own style of wearing the iconic style of jeans, in which he wears a low-waisted pair with a high-waisted pair on either side. The combination of both gives a nice slouchy look to his figure. At the Golden Globes in 2014, he wore a navy blue blazer with a white T-shirt and white jeans. Another instance where he wears a mix of both high-waisted and low-waisted jeans is at the premiere of The Lost Prince. We can see his figure and the fit of his clothing, but the slouchy look is preserved, as he wears his blazer just above his elbows.

He Helps Animals

Pattinson is a very caring person and is quick to volunteer his time and efforts to help animals. He usually starts by donating money to good causes. For example, he has donated to the No More Woofs Fund and the Humane Society. He also regularly supports the Teenage Cancer Trust, which provides support to children with cancer. However, it is not always related to cancer. He has also donated to the Avian Rescue Center, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and the Born Free Trust. In general, he tries to contribute to those causes that he feels passionate about, whether it is for animals or the environment. He has an appreciation for what nature has to offer and does what he can to protect it.

He Is A Fashion Icon

In addition to being a well-rounded and talented individual, Pattinson is also one of the most fashionable men we know. He has been a style icon since day one, thanks to his unique sense of fashion and his dedication to style. He usually pays close attention to what other people are wearing and what trends are in vogue. He is also a great student of current affairs, and he keeps abreast of the latest developments in the fashion world. He has a team of stylists who work with him to make sure that he is completely covered for every fashion occasion. Whether it is a black-tie event or a casual get-together, he always looks immaculate.

He Is A Great Dancer

Pattinson is no stranger to dancing. He has been a classically trained dancer since the age of three and has been performing since he can remember. He eventually went on to study dance at the London Academy of Music and Dance. He then trained with the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov and performed alongside some of the greatest dancers in the world. Even now, at the age of 28, he continues to study and be inspired by classical ballet. He performs across the world in high profile venues and festivals, as well as at home in London. He is a wonderful partner and brings a new dimension to any dance. Whether it is ballroom dancing or becoming totally immersed in a tango routine, he always brings something unique to the table. He has an incredible amount of talent, and it shows in every aspect of his life. Not only does he have style, but he also has class.

He Is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

In addition to being a member of a gentlemen’s club and a fashion icon, Robert Pattinson is also a lifestyle entrepreneur. He has created and sold a line of shoes and has invested in a barber shop and restaurant. He has also invested in real estate, having purchased a mansion in London. He is a venture capitalist with a penchant for finding the next big thing. He gets inspired by existing brands and builds off of their foundations, bringing his own unique spin to the design. He is also a great motivator and understands the importance of branding. He has taken a brand that already had a following and helped it grow. Now the owner of the barbershop chain, Pattinson focuses on creating a memorable experience for customers, no matter where they choose to go. He wants his barbershops to be places where men can come together and talk about anything and everything. He wants to bring a bit of magic to their everyday lives. It is clear that not only does he have great taste, but he also has great taste in life.

He Is An Animal Lover

There is one more thing that we need to mention about Robert Pattinson: he is an amazing animal lover. He has said that he would rather die than hurt an animal. It is clear that this is not just a pretty saying. He has a soft spot in his heart for all creatures great and small and does what he can to help save them. He has been known to adopt shelter dogs and work with homeless charities to provide them with food and shelter. When a young man lives by such pure and selfless principles, we admire him greatly.

Whether he is walking his dog Blue or meeting up with friends at a bar, he always makes sure to keep his dog-eared copy of John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie nearby. You can bet that Steinbeck’s masterwork will be at least discussed over a drink or two. This is a novel that everyone should read, because it is both inspiring and educational.