Robert Pattinson had better be getting his act together because he is going to be the next King of England. That is what people are saying about him, anyway!

The Twilight Saga star was celebrating his 28th birthday at London’s Water Garden Hotel. And although he tried to keep it low-profile, he couldn’t keep his alcohol intake low as he spent the evening toasting his special day with a few close friends and family. So much for trying!

The singer, whose real name is Chas Robinson, was photographed arriving at the hotel around 5:30 pm wearing a long-sleeve burgundy shirt, grey skinny jeans and a black leather jacket. He kept the majority of his costume elements casual, but opted for a beanie and sneakers to keep warm on this cold evening. Perhaps because he is a man of the world who grew up in London, England, or perhaps it is because he is a big fan of David Beckham, who was also at the hotel for Rob’s birthday. Whatever the reason, he suited the occasion perfectly.

So, what did we learn from this casual photoshoot? Well, even though Rob is a talented musician and dancer, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He got the jacket and sneakers on the cheap from eBay because he didn’t have much money to spend. He also likes to keep his wardrobe simple and stylish, so he opts for understated but stylish outfits that keep the attention on his amazing looks rather than his expensive tastes. He is undoubtedly an enigma wrapped up in an anti-hero and we definitely have questions about his future as a prince. Perhaps he will grow out of his rebellious stage and into his role as the next king. But for now, let’s enjoy this glimpse into the fascinating life of Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson’s Rebel Roots

Although he is not officially of royal blood, he is the son of Charles, 10th Baron Robinson, and Lady Antonia Fraser, who is the daughter of the 12th Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir Alec Harold Fraser. He has a younger brother, Alexander, who is a racing driver. Growing up in the London suburb of Hampstead, England, he developed an early interest in cars and bikes. As a result, Rob frequently rode his bike to his local library to satisfy his need for reading. And although there isn’t any proof, police report suggests that he vandalized a lot of public property when he was a teen. So it would appear that he was already acting out because he was bored. And what is the most embarrassing thing about getting arrested as a teen? The police told his parents that he was “full of beans.”

Then, despite his rebellious streak, he went on to attend Eton College in Windsor, where he studied English literature and history. It is rumored that he didn’t have a very good experience at Eton. He supposedly kept a low profile and didn’t participate in any of the usual college activities. Instead, he spent his time partying and getting into mischief. In fact, he was so well known for his pranks that he was finally expelled for shoving a maid’s hand in the fryer at Leighton Buzzard College. There is also a story about how he locked a priest in a broom cupboard for a year. So, it seems that he has always been quite the prankster. But who knows? Maybe he was just trying to bring a little levity to a deadly serious institution. After all, he did go to Eton.

Pattinson’s Rebellious Style

He first came to our attention as the lead singer of a British rock band named the Vaccines. The group was formed in 2009 and released their debut album, What Do You Mean? in 2012. It was a critical and commercial success, topping the UK Albums Chart and selling over 2 million copies worldwide. A few years later, they released their second album, Forever Is Over, in June of 2016 and followed it up with a tour of the UK and Ireland in September of that year. It was the band’s final show, as they decided to call it quits a few weeks later.

The Vaccines were considered one of the most exciting new bands to emerge in years and their sudden decision to disband still leaves a gap in the market. Their unique brand of high energy indie pop music was a breath of fresh air, especially since they weren’t afraid to tackle difficult topics. But perhaps what is most impressive about the band was how they maintained a youthful appearance. This is not an easy feat, given that most of the members are in their mid-20s. Even more impressive is that many of their songs were written and composed by the members while they were still at school. This is not something most bands can claim these days. So, in a way, the Vaccines were a breath of fresh air for all music lovers. And since we are talking about pranks, let’s not forget about how they tricked the public and the media by claiming their debut single, “Praying,” was only available as a free download on their website. Yes, this is the same Vaccines who were supposedly so shy in their early days that they used to send each other hand-written letters and postcards via snail mail. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!

Pattinson’s Dancing Skills

Aside from his acting and singing career, he became well known for his dancing skills as a result of the 2014 movie Chilled, which follows the hilarious misadventures of a group of friends who get drunk and decide to prank call a famous fashion brand. The film also features an extended dance scene between Pattinson and his fellow actor, Jonathon Howard, who plays Jack, the film’s primary protagonist. The two perform a very intimate and sensual tango, which was completely improvised. And although they have appeared in a number of movies together, including the upcoming Bad Education, this was their first opportunity to showcase their on-screen intimacy. Howard later stated that this scene was one of the most physically and emotionally demanding scenes he had ever had to film. So, perhaps dancing was always a hobby for Rob and he decided to pursue it professionally once he became famous.

Pattinson’s Fashion Icons

Besides being a rebel and prankster, he is also a fashionable young man who is always keen to keep up with the trends. It would appear that he takes fashion inspiration from a variety of sources, which he combines in his own original way. And although he can dress quite simply and understatedly, when he wants to, he knows how to accessorize and maximize his fashionable charm. Here are some of the stylish individuals and fashion trends he often references:

David Beckham

The England soccer superstar was one of the first fashion icons that came to mind when we were thinking of our favorite fashion rebels. He is adored for his flawless fashion sense and cool, laidback style. So, it makes complete sense that Rob would want to emulate his style.

Beckham usually keeps his fashion simple and stylish, wearing only minimal, but tasteful accessories. He has been known to opt for leather trousers and long-sleeve t-shirts paired with a blazer. These are basic and functional items, which make up the majority of his wardrobe. He often wears watches and rings made from rose-tinted rhinestone, which add a small amount of sparkle to his otherwise simple and classic attire.

Giorgio Armani

Another style icon that often inspires Rob is Giorgio Armani. The fashion house is often credited for revolutionizing the way men’s wear their hair. The designer’s distinctive style blends aristocratic glamour with urban cool, which is what makes him so appealing to our rebel heartthrob. He is usually seen in white tie and tailcoat, which he wears with a black tie and a white pocket square. He is also a great fan of the three-piece suit, which he frequently wears with a white shirt and a red tie. Armani’s style is usually very elegant and refined, which makes it fit for the Royal Family. So it would be no surprise if Rob wanted to emulate this iconic Italian fashion designer.