You may know that Robert Pattinson is the former face of the movie franchise The Twilight Saga. While we have seen the actor dress in a number of different styles over the years, one of his most stunning looks was a custom-made kaftan created by Hussein Chalayan. Known for his exquisite tailoring, Chalayan decided to give the multi-hyphenate a suit that was as unique as he is.

The designer took inspiration from the English actor’s style and also incorporated elements from the Middle Eastern and European cultures that he is so familiar with. If you thought that his kaftan was one-of-a-kind, you would be right, but Chalayan didn’t stop there as he also made a matching headpiece, which was inspired by a flower that represents springtime in Denmark. We have to admit that we are a bit in love with this outfit, which you can get a taste of above.

A Classic Of Tailoring

If you are unfamiliar, a kaftan is a loose-fitting, long, flowing, and usually yellow or white dress that typically covers the lower half of the body. It was originally worn by men in the Middle East as a sign of aristocratic authority, and it has since become a style favourite for Hollywood leading men.

The designer saw the opportunity to bring this style to life through a trench coat and made it an outerwear staple for men. You will often see him casually wear a kaftan in the coming months as we are firmly in springtime.

To craft such a unique-looking outfit, the designer headed over to London where he found the tailor H.M.Washbourne to make the necessary alterations to his suit.

Washbourne was more than happy to help as he had recently been asked to create a suit for Richard Simmons, who is best known as the ventriloquist on What’s Happening This Comedy Week. After making the necessary adjustments and adding some finishing touches, the tailor submitted the finished product to Chalayan, who was more than satisfied with his end product.

Crafting An Ode To Flowers

While we are on the subject of Richard Simmons, let’s take a quick detour to discuss the fascinating world of flowers. As you may know, the English actor is passionately devoted to his beloved orchids, and he frequently shows off his gorgeous blooms in his Instagram posts.

So it was only a matter of time before the designer started getting inspiration from the botanical star and decided to give him an orchid-themed suit. Working with the London flower market to source the perfect blooms, Chalayan has created a stunning outfit that is a true ode to the beauty of flowers.

The designer started by making a t-shirt with petals on it that he will wear under his jacket. Then, he added a matching headpiece (available to buy separately) made up of circles of different-sized petals, as well as a large, flower-shaped brooch that will lay perfectly on the actor’s upper back. The result is a style-bending combination that is as beautiful as it is unique.

A Suitable Match For The Sultan

Speaking of unique styles, we will now turn our attention to one of Hollywood’s most fascinating upcoming projects, The Sultan. If you’ve been paying attention to social media over the past few weeks, you’ll have noticed that Robert Pattinson has been fully embracing his role as the eponymous Sultan and has been sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes photos as well as outfit snaps.

For the role, the actor adopted a number of different outfits and hairstyles. While we have seen him in a number of classy ensembles, Chalayan has designed a suit that perfectly matches the sultry star’s stylishness.

Inspired by an allusion to the famous Orientalist painter George Baselitz, Chalayan drew his inspiration from the ‘70s and blended various fabrics to create a unique-looking suit that will be suitable for a sultan. Baselitz’s distinctive mix of gingham, red, and yellow is alive and well in the designer’s creation, as is the softer side of Baselitz’s ode to the female form. While the main focus is on the trousers (they are custom made and feature a split-tailed pattern that references Baselitz’s own trousers from the ‘70s), the top part of the outfit is as unique as the rest of it.

What Does It Mean?

After going through a series of stylings for the role of The Sultan, we asked ourselves, “What does it all mean?” The Twilight Saga led us to believe that Robert Pattinson was indeed a unique individual with a distinctive style all his own. With this outfit, it is clear that the designer has not only been able to showcase Robert’s unique style, but he has also been inspired by the many facets of the actor’s personality.

More Than Meets The Eye

Besides being unique, Robert Pattinson is also extremely talented. As we’ve established, the designer has been able to showcase the actor’s distinct style on several occasions and has even managed to merge various fashion influences to create something truly remarkable.

In case you were wondering, the kaftan that Robert wears is a style originally envisioned by Hussein Chalayan for Dior Homme. It was subsequently bought by the actor for his personal use.