While it might not always be apparent, fashion and film can be deeply connected. One prominent example is Robert Pattinson, whose choice of bespoke suits has been faithfully mimicked by several A-list actors, and continues to influence high society today.

Pattinson’s look is synonymous with Hollywood royalty and style charisma. The actor is most famous for his collaborations with Burberry, for which he has worn their classic double-breasted tenet suit on five occasions since 2010. The luxury clothier’s tailored suit has been named after the Duke of Westminster, who previously owned Burberry. Nowadays, thanks to the popularity of A-list actors wearing the style, the tenet suit has become quite a social phenomenon.

The Classic Look

The look of a classic double-breasted tenet is, as the name would suggest, classic. The suit is cut in an all-traditional manner, with broad shoulders and classic lapels. The suit’s fabric is immaculate; even the most discerning customers, who might be used to finer things, are often astonished by the weight and texture of the cloth.

The fit of the classic tenet is also immaculate; tailors pride themselves on creating a bespoke suit that seamlessly flows over the body and doesn’t leave any wrinkles or unflattering creases. In short, it’s an effortlessly stylish look that becomes even more powerful when worn by a prominent figure.

The Rise In Popularity

It’s fair to say that the popularity of the classic double-breasted tenet suit has risen over the years. The style was first seen on the red carpet back in the early 2000s, with the likes of Colin Firth and Christian Lacroix wearing them on the carpet. Since then, it’s been adopted by A-list celebs, such as Tom Hanks, Warren Beatty, and Pierce Brosnan. It wasn’t long before stylists and celebrities began emulating the look.

The most prominent example is, of course, Pattinson. Since 2010, the actor has been spotted on the red carpet wearing a classic double-breasted tenet suit, most recently at the 87th Academy Awards in February 2021. The choice of the actor, who plays the dual role of King George and Detective Murdoch in the television series, The Handmaid’s Tale, reflects the style’s popularity.

Pattinson is, in fact, one of the most influential figures in continuing the style’s rise to prominence. Since 2010, he has been spotted on the red carpet wearing a classic double-breasted tenet suit on five separate occasions. Each time he’s chosen a different design; in 2017, the actor sported a light-wash denim suit with red and white stripes, in 2018 he opted for a yellow and black check pattern, in 2019 he sported an ivory suit with pinstripes, and in January 2021 he chose a double-breasted grenadant pattern.

The look has been so influential that it’s been emulated by designers, such as Tom Ford. The style’s most prominent fashion house, Burberry, has also seen its share of celebrity customers, for which it’s made several suits in the wake of the viral trend. While you might not always be able to tell, fashion and film can be a powerful combination, and this look is one of the most influential and stylish styles that comes from this combination.