It’s been a tough week for fans of Robert Pattinson. The actor and singer was forced to cancel the rest of his European tour following a motorcycle accident. Now that he’s on the road to recovery and has returned to the UK, he’s been spotted without his protective helmet. Naturally, this caused a social media frenzy. Some people even went so far as to question whether or not the 28-year-old starlet is a complete badass. Let’s dive into the facts.

The Facts

First off, let’s address the rumours. While it’s true that Pattinson was wearing a helmetless, the protective gear he was using wasn’t a typical riding helmet. Instead, he was wearing Pro-Shock performance head protection. It’s a bit more expensive but, in his defense, these are the types of helmets that motorcyclists wear when they’re not on a tour bus. In other words, they’re not just for show. These kinds of helmets save lives, prevent brain damage, and make riders feel more comfortable on two wheels. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time that someone has brought a motorcycle accident into the public eye. Remember that guy who got his head smashed in on The X-Factor? He was wearing a helmet too but forgot to lock it on that fateful night in 2013. Luckily, the singer’s skull wasn’t fractured and he recovered fully. Now he’s all the more reason to be proud of his choice in motorcycle gear. When it comes to protecting his head, Robert Pattinson is doing the right thing.

The Accident

It was announced on July 23rd via Twitter that Pattinson was involved in a motorcycle accident in central London. However, the actor and pop star didn’t provide many details about the accident. All that can be deduced from his brief statement is that he was riding a Triumph Tiger when he fell off his bike. As many of you would expect, given the nature of his accident, social media went into overdrive. Many people tweeted that they were worried about him and wished him a quick recovery. The majority of these sentiments were well-wishes and, to be fair, he does look like he’s doing okay. His face is not seriously injured and there doesn’t seem to be any blood or broken bones visible. He’s currently in a stable condition in a London hospital. The next step will be to see whether or not he needs surgery.

Pattinson’s Recovery

It was revealed in early August that Robert Pattinson had been discharged from the hospital and was on the road to recovery. He’s already started working on his next project and revealed that he has a few films and a couple of plays lined up for the rest of the year. It remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be able to carry on with his tour plans but, given his desire to get back out on the road, one would hope so. This brings us to our next point. While his injuries might not be serious, it is still early to tell what effect, if any, they will have on his career. Time will tell whether or not this was a career-threatening accident for the singer. For now, it’s all about his recovery and we wish him a speedy and complete return to health.

Why He Was Touring Europe Without A Helmet

Even before the accident, it was clear that Robert Pattinson wasn’t happy with the standard of safety on the roads in Europe. He feels that motorcycle helmets are a thing of the past and that it’s about time that road warriors started wearing protective headwear. This is especially important for artists and musicians who often have to travel for major events. It’s not just about security either, as he notes that the extra comfort is worth the small increase in weight.

Pattinson has often been noted for his aversion to plastic and has spoken about how important removing plastic products is in the fight against climate change. This has led some fans to wonder whether or not this was a deliberate move on his part. Did he want to gain more publicity by appearing to be anti-establishment and by attacking the status quo? Perhaps he does feel that way and, if so, then bravo! One thing’s for sure. It’s not everyday that you see an artist of this stature putting his body on the line and taking a stand against the norm. We salute you, Robert Pattinson, for being a rebel without a pity and for standing up for what you believe in.

There you have it. Now that you’re up-to-date on the news about Robert Pattinson, it’s time for you to take a stand. Do you believe that he’s a bad ass for not wearing a helmet? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading!