Robbie Pattinson is one of the most popular male singer-songwriters of today. But did you know that he comes from a musical family? As a child, he discovered his love for music and lyrics, and started writing songs at the age of nine. Soon after, his debut album was released, and he has since gone on to write multiple award-winning albums and singles. Aside from being a singer and songwriter, he is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer. So if you’re looking for a new artist to discover, then you should definitely check out Robbie Pattinson.

Dance Acrobatics

When we think of Robbie’s musical talents, the first thing that probably comes to mind is his unique dancing skills. The singer is known for his signature dance, the Doja Cat dance, which first appeared on the cover of his 2013 album, Dirty Work. Inspired by the break dancing scene in the 1987 film, Breakin’, the song’s music video features some incredible dance moves. According to Robbie, the dance was named after the lead character of Dirty Work, Doja Cat. While performing the dance, he bounces around and twists his body in a circular motion. It is said that the song inspired a generation of dancers to break dance. Not only that but the move was also named after him! Fans can also get a taste of his dance moves during the live performances of the song. If you like catchy, danceable songs with incredible dance moves, then you should definitely listen to Robbie Pattinson.

Hip-Hop Love

Another amazing aspect of Robbie’s talent is how versatile he is as a songwriter. Apart from his distinct vocals, he also manages to fit in some serious beats and sounds into his music. He is definitely not your average singer, and much more of an MC than a crooner. This hip hop flair is prevalent on his 2018 album, Welcome To Reality. The album notably features collaborations with some of today’s most prominent artists, including Lil Nas X, Cardi B, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more. In addition, the album also includes guest appearances by some of music’s hottest producers, including Hit-Boy, Mike Will Made-It, and Frank Dukes. The production on the album is phenomenal, and it really displays how versatile the singer is as a rapper and a producer. Overall, it’s a brilliant combination that produces one of 2018’s most acclaimed albums. If you like to listen to a blend of old and new, hip hop and pop, then you should check out Robbie’s latest offering.

Classical Inspiration

Even though Robbie was born into a family of four, he grew up listening to and studying classical music. This is evident throughout his entire discography, as he often uses his love for classical music to influence his songwriting. You can hear this in his 2014 single, Midnight. The track starts with some haunting piano before transitioning into an up-tempo, funk-pop anthem. It features one of the most recognizable drum grooves in contemporary music, and it has been covered by multiple artists, including Little Big League, who used it as inspiration for their own hit single, “Playin’ It Cool.” Robbie is also a founding member of classical rap band, Classically-Blind, which blends hip-hop and classical music. If you love classical music, you should definitely listen to that band.

The classical rap band’s mission is to promote and support new music, and to that end, they organize regular concerts featuring both established and up-and-coming artists. They also participate in charity events and sell merchandise and t-shirts to raise money for deserving causes. If you’re looking for an amazing musical collaboration that combines the talents of a jazz legend with those of a pop superstar, then you should check out Classically-Blind’s upcoming album, due out this year.

And last but not least, let’s not forget about Robbie’s love for fashion. He frequently collaborates with fashion designers to create unique looks for his outfits. If you want to learn more about fashion, you should definitely check out his “Style” section on his website. It’s a great place to browse through his outfits and check out his fashion evolution, over the years.