It’s been six months since British actor and singer Robert Pattinson took home the trophy for Best Actor at the 2019 Academy Awards. Since then, the 28-year-old’s life has been filled with triumph and tragedy.

Pattinson’s 2019 was an incredible journey that saw him pick up numerous awards and accolades, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Amidst all that glory, he found the time to pour his heart out in a new book, ‘My Glory’. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of what he’s been up to recently.

1. Book Reviews And New Projects

Although ‘My Glory’ is the English actor’s first book, he’s had an incredibly busy year, filling his social media platforms with book reviews and new projects. In early March 2020, he joined Bookmarksinglers on Twitter to give his opinion on several books, including J.K. Rowling’s new Harry Potter installment, ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’.

The following month, he became a weekly contributor to Hello magazine, sharing his thoughts on all things Hollywood.

2. A ‘Fantastic’ Year

The Londoner’s 2019 was filled with incredible highs and devastating lows. In early January, he achieved one of the most desired triumphs in an actor’s career when he picked up the Best Actor gong at the Oscars. The achievement made him an overnight celebrity, whose every move is followed by fans and reporters. He then spent the year touring the world, appearing on stage in London and Paris, and taking in the sights in Italy, Malta, and Greece. In May, Pattinson released a compilation album of previously unreleased tracks, ‘R.Pattinson’, that features a number of hits, including “Smile,” “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” and a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”.

Pattinson capped off a fantastic year by releasing his first full-length album in September. ‘Wonder’ was met with widespread critical acclaim and won the singer/songwriter a Mercury Music Prize. The album also spawned the smash hit “Take Back Control”— a song inspired by the #MeToo movement—which peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart.

3. A Passion For Italy

Pattinson has been living in L.A. for the past six years and has built a reputation as a leading man in British cinema. However, it’s clear that the Englishman has a real soft spot for Italy. In April 2020, he was photographed shopping for high-end Italian goods in the famous boutiques of Milan. Later that month, he was seen in Venice, where he planted a kiss on the cheek of one of his fans.

These days, the ‘Breaking Dawn’ star is rarely seen without his trusted Barbour jacket, and he’s even collaborated with Barbour on an Italian-style collection. Although Italy has always been a destination for holidays, it seems like Pattinson is making the country his permanent home. In his own words, “Milan’s streets always call out to me, but so does the southern coast.”

4. A Changed Focus

One of the most talked about aspects of Pattinson’s 2019 was his transformation into a dad. The actor has been very open about his family life, sharing numerous pictures of his adorable children and gushing about parenthood in a video interview with Elle.

He’s previously been known for his glamorous lifestyle and his dedication to his career, but in the past year, he’s taken the time to change his priorities. In March, he was seen holding his two-year-old son, Damion, as he made his entrance at the 2020 Academy Awards. Since then, he’s been seen spending time with his kids, occasionally holding court over them and their infant brother, Arthur.

The new family man appears happier than ever before, and it’s clear that his kids are the center of his universe. In a 2020 interview with W magazine, he gushed about his kids, enthusing: “I love being a dad. Everyone always asks me what it’s like being a father, and it’s the most incredible feeling. I love those kids – I really do. You know, I’ve been in the industry for 20 years, and I’ve never felt like this about a character. It just feels right, you know?”

It looks like Pattinson has found his true calling, and it appears that he’ll be staying busy with his kids for the foreseeable future. One might say that the Englishman has found his perfect role, and he plays it with relish.