As we mentioned in the intro, this past week has been an emotional roller-coaster for Robert Pattinson fans. On Tuesday, the actor confirmed that he was in a committed relationship with his long-time friend Fabrice Emartani – the co-founder of luxury clothing brand Maison Margiela – and would be starting a family with him. The following day, Pattinson took to social media to share a sweet photo of himself and his best friend holding a sign that reads, “Will you be my wife?” It’s been a while since we’ve seen this kind of PDA from the actor, and it’s sure to make fans swoon. Aside from being in a committed relationship, details of Pattinson’s and Emartani’s upcoming wedding have remained under wraps. Based on these details, many people have been left wondering if their dog is a Robert Pattinson fan as well.

Most Influential Dog Owner

To be fair, not all of us were fortunate enough to have a best friend or boyfriend who is arguably one of the most influential people in the world. Those of us who did grow up with famous dogs probably don’t even know how much thought went into choosing our canine companions. For example, if you read biographies of famous people, you will find that many of them had influential dogs that changed their lives for the better. This is significant because it means that even those of us who didn’t grow up with a famous dog in our lives have learned something from the dogs that we did.

Signs Your Dog Is A Robert Pattinson Fan

If you happen to be a fan of Robert Pattinson, then there are several telltale signs that your dog may be as well. First off, if we assume that your dog is a male, then he will have a pronounced “bark” – also known as a “voice” – which can best be described as deep, gruff, and slightly gravelly. Just like the actor, your dog will also have blue eyes that are probably pretty cold and aloof. Many dog owners who are fans of Robert Pattinson report that their animals share these exact same characteristics, and it’s actually quite the compliment!


Another way to tell if your dog is a fan of Robert Pattinson is by observing his behavior. Like other fans, your dog may start to get a little misty-eyed when talking about the actor or his work, and may even start dreaming about him from time to time. The good news is that this kind of “sad puppy dog eyes” is a sign of a healthy, balanced heart. Just make sure that you don’t get too attached to his melancholy demeanor because it could ultimately lead to trouble. You may start to notice that your dog has become increasingly distant from you, and eventually, this could turn into a serious problem. Another potential pitfall of being a Robert Pattinson fan is that your dog may start showing interest in other, less-than-favored animals or creatures. Just remember that this is a common trait among celebrity fans, and it’s nothing to worry about. Most likely, your dog will just be craving the adoration of the masses that he’s grown to enjoy.

Mating Behavior

As mentioned above, if you’re a Robert Pattinson fan, then you’re probably already aware that this past week has been quite a roller coaster of an emotional roller-coaster. This is why it’s so important to be careful when it comes to your dog’s mating behavior. Does he start becoming more aggressive or trying to act macho around other dogs or people? Does he start wandering around at night, looking for a bite to eat? Does he start acting aloof toward you and your other canine companions? If so, then it’s probably best to keep a close eye on things and maybe consult with your veterinarian about what’s going on.


Finally, you probably already know that your dog’s health is of paramount importance. Just like with humans, a good, healthy animal is an attractive animal. Additionally, if your dog is a male, then he will need to make sure that he maintains a healthy sperm count in his body. To do this, he needs to eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of sleep. Additionally, some dogs may need help lowering their cholesterol levels, so make sure that you’re aware of what supplements or medications your dog is taking. You should also consult with your veterinarian about any questions that you might have regarding your dog’s health. This way, you can ensure that he is the happiest, healthiest animal possible!

In closing, this article is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. We simply want to help you identify the signs that your dog might be a Robert Pattinson fan, so that you can be careful and ensure that this relatively tame infatuation doesn’t turn into a full-blown obsession. For those of you who want to be extra-cautious, then it would probably be best to keep a safe distance from his work and never speak about it in front of your dog. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to monitor his behavior closely and make sure that everything is okay. If you’re worried that your dog might be showing signs of stress or aggression, then you might want to consider keeping him away from other animals and people until things settle down.