Who cares about beauty products when your man is losing his hair?

While we’re still adjusting to the reality of the pandemic, one thing we can all agree on is that our routine daily looks have changed. Showering is no longer a luxury, so we’re adjusting to the demands of everyday life while prioritising safety and health.

In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve become more aware of the products we use on a daily basis. From skin-care and hair-care products to cleaning products and perfumes, our habits have changed because of the risks posed by the pandemic.

This is also because we’ve become more conscious of the chemicals in our beauty products and the damage they can cause. From skin redness and swelling to an irritating and potentially dangerous effect on the liver, there’s a huge list of side effects.

Not only that, but with the economic turmoil that the pandemic has caused, expensive and popular beauty products have become a luxury only the most well-off could afford. So while we’re all trying to get back to basics, we’re also trying to reduce our toxic load.

What Are The Top Hazards That Your Manicure And Pedicure May Be Exposing You To?

With the return of more leisure time, people are taking longer to shower as a result. Therefore, your nails may be spending more time outside of your hands. This means they’re more at risk of being chipped or cracked. The chemicals in milk are also posing a risk to your nails. This is because when you soak your nails in it for a few minutes (as you would with an egg wash), it makes the nails more susceptible to damage. There are also some shavers that may be more dangerous than others. For example, the electric shavers that produce a lot of noise and vibration are a danger to your hearing. Even the older shavers with the rotating brush are a danger to your hearing, especially if you use them without protection.

Takeaway Tips To Make Your Manicure And Pedicure Safer

To reduce your toxic load, you need to reduce the amount of toxins you’re exposed to daily. This is why the following tips will help ensure your nails are safe.

Look For Viable Alternatives

When we’re forced to alter our beauty routines because of the pandemic, it’s essential that we find viable alternatives to the products we’re no longer using. So if you’re looking for nail polish that’s safe for use during the pandemic, you should try out alternative brands that are known for being toxin-free. There are also a number of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish brands that you should try out.

Avoid Certain Nail Polishes

Certain nail polish colours are more prone to chipping and peeling than others. So if you have a pattern or colour on your nails that you know is going to chip or peel off, you should avoid using it. Nail polish that is a dupe of an expensive brand is also a good idea. Although it might be tempting to buy a dupe of a popular brand to save a few pennies, this isn’t a good idea. When you peel off the topcoat, you’re revealing the colour under the nail polish. So if you have a colour that’s difficult to determine, it might be best to avoid it.

Only Shampoo Your Nails Once A Week

Just like your scalp, your nails need to be kept clean of dirt and oil. Like your scalp, the nails need a good wash every week to keep them fresh and looking healthy. The most you should shampoo your nails is once a week. Over-shampooing can strip the natural oils from the hair strand, leaving it prone to breakage.

Be Careful With The Tools You Use

When it comes to maintaining your nails, it’s essential you use the right tools for the job. It’s also important that these tools are safe for your nails. The file, for example, should be used with the correct grit and pressure. This will help ensure the nails are healthy and looking shiny. The wrong tool can mar the finish of your nails and cause further damage.

Wash Your Hands Before Using Them

When you wash your hands, you’re removing the toxins that have built up over time. Therefore, it might be a good idea to wait until your skin is dry before sticking your nails in your mouth. If you’re using your nails to type or do any kind of activity that requires a lot of hand movement, make sure to wash your hands beforehand.

The hand sanitiser you use before and after you wash your hands can also affect how your nails look. After you use hand sanitiser, the natural oils from your fingers can start to degrade, leaving your nails looking dull. This is why it might be a good idea to avoid using hand sanitiser if you’re looking for a shiny and healthy nail polish.