It’s been two years since Twilight cast its spell over America and the world. Although it ended ten years ago this month, Bella and her vampire co-stars remain popular figures, showing up at various times on our screens and in our social media feeds.

One of the most recognizable celebrities to emerge from Twilight is its leading man, Robert Pattinson. He’s been acting for over a decade, but his on-screen charisma and screen chemistry with Kristen Stewart made him a household name. Although he tried his hand at directing and producing films, outside of Twilight Pattinson mostly works in television, with notable appearances in The Simpsons, Gotham, and The Handmaid’s Tale. 

Now that he’s single, the London-born actor is taking a step back from public life. He hasn’t given a formal interview in two years and has generally kept a low profile. However, that all changed last week when Pattinson was spotted walking his dog in Los Angeles. What led to this unexpected meeting with the media? And will he ever return to public life? Let’s take a dive into the recent developments.

Pattinson’s Upcoming Projects

The last time we heard from Robert Pattinson was in June 2021, when he tweeted that he was wrapping up filming on the third season of The Order. This is a Netflix television series based on the horror-mystery novels by Kevin J. Anderson. The Order follows a group of young people who become embroiled in a conspiracy surrounding the legendary Order of the Pendragon when they find themselves at the center of a supernatural crisis. The Order of the Pendragon also stars Julianne Moore, Gabriel Byrne, and Dan Stevens.

Pattinson is also set to star in the upcoming sci-fi feature Oblivion, which is based on Joseph Delaney’s award-winning novel and George Smit’s screenplay. The movie will premiere in August 2021. It’s the story of a police detective who wakes up after a car accident and discovers that he has become the target of a psychopathic serial killer. He sets out to solve the murders while trying to figure out what happened to him and why.”

Oblivion is one of the few upcoming projects that boasts an A-list cast. The movie will also star Andrea Riseborough, Morgan Freeman, and Paul Bettany. In addition to these projects, Pattinson will be appearing in an episode of the upcoming Harley Quinn show, Harley Quinn & The Joker.

Pattinson’s Upcoming Gigs

Besides working on the aforementioned projects, Pattinson has several concerts and festivals lined up for the summer of 2021. On May 13, he’ll be hitting the stage at Liverpool’s Echo Arena for a show dubbed Pattinson’s BAY-HEST. This is a part of the singer-songwriter’s hugely popular “Sleeping onstage” tour, which he performs around Europe each year. 

A day later, on May 14, he’ll be performing at Edinburgh Castle for the 2021 Edinburgh International Festival. It’ll be his first performance at the famous festival since 2017.

Then, on June 8, the singer-songwriter will be closing out the Grammy Awards with a performance at the Los Angeles’ Staples Center. The night before, he’ll be performing at the Hollywood Bowl. The Grammy Awards honor the best in music, with performances by the biggest names in music. This year’s nominees are: Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Shawn Mendes, and John Morgan (who accepts the award).

Pattinson is also heading to the Prada Award Winners Dinner, where he’ll be honoring the best in fashion from the past year. He’ll be joined by Anna Wintour, the Vogue Editor-in-Chief, and a who’s who of fashion’s elite. This is an annual event that recognizes the most influential people in fashion. The guests include: Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Coddington, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Anna Wintour.

Why Did Robert Pattinson Meet The Media Last Week?

Last Wednesday, news broke that Pattinson had granted interviews to New York Magazine and The Guardian. He’s rarely given interviews in the past two years, so this was a surprise to fans and media members alike. Why did he agree to speak with these publications?

There are several possibilities. One is that he’s looking to break his media silence and wants to tell the story of his life beyond Twilight and its subsequent films. Another is that he’s looking for work and wants to appear in a few select interviews to ensure he gets the roles he wants. Some have even speculated that he could be writing a tell-all book or that he’s holding a press conference to announce his retirement from public life. (Although, let’s be honest, given his track record, we wouldn’t put it past him.)

Regardless of why he did it, last week’s interviews have reignited Pattinson’s public career. The actor has been on something of a media hiatus since May 2021, when he tweeted that he wasn’t giving interviews or doing anything that could “interfere with my private life.” 

Since then, he’s granted a few interviews here and there, including the recent New York Magazine and The Guardian pieces. However, he’s generally been very private about his life and hasn’t done anything to promote himself professionally. (Except for that very brief Twitter moment in May 2021.)

What’s Next?

At this point, it’s hard to say what’s next for Robert Pattinson. He hasn’t been active on social media in a while and has generally stayed out of the spotlight. He did, however, post a photo on Instagram a few days ago, showing him with his dog in a park. (Although this was taken before May 2021, it’s the first Instagram post he’s ever shared since the pandemic began in March.)

This public appearance last week will almost certainly mark the beginning of Pattinson’s return to the spotlight. It’s been two years since he had any kind of media activity, so it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of his career in the next few months. (And, yes, we’re keeping an eye on his social media feeds.)