The commercial for Robert Pattinson’s Dior Homme fragrance is out and—surprise—it’s actually pretty good. With a cinematic aesthetic that recalls David Lynch and an ode to Italian cinema, “La Dolce Vita” embodies everything we loved about the Cannes-nominated fragrance. In addition to embodying the spirit of the fragrance, the commercial serves as a mini-masterpiece of cinematic style.

The singer, songwriter, and actress Florence Welch provided the English-language vocals for the track, which is one of the highlights of the commercial. She belts out the hook on a deserted beach with tropical plants providing a beautiful backdrop.

Even better, the singer reveals that the fragrance is named after her husband, the film director and musician David Welch, who collaborated with Lynch on his seminal film, *The Elephant Man* (1980).

The ad follows a similar structure to Lynch’s previous campaigns for Dior, in that it features close-ups of Welch’s beautiful painted face and exquisite throat singing. It also evokes the Italian master’s *Death* (1973) and *Eraser* (2000) films.

Why Should You Care?

Robert Pattinson is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors and has been linked to various A-list celebrities. For those who love to follow celebrity gossip, this ad should bring some joy: The 35-year-old is finally getting some attention for a role that doesn’t involve Twilight or Sherlock Holmes (at least not yet).

Pattinson portrays poet Arthur Rimbaud in the drama *A Season in Caracas* (2019), premiering on May 15th at the Cannes Film Festival.

The role marks a departure from his usual work, which tends to feature handsome leading men. While he did appear in the acclaimed film *Ex Machina* (2015) as a bespoke suit-wearing CEO, this is a more mature and subtle performance.

Since splitting from his wife of three years, Nicole Kidman, in January 2018, the actor has been vocal about his desire to pursue a more mature acting career. In an interview with *Vogue* in May 2018, he said:

“I just feel like there’s a certain magic in being able to explore those emotions and feel those feelings. And there’s something very powerful about just being in the moment and not having control over the situation, which is a lot of fun. And I think that my work with David has made me a better actor, just being around him and observing him, how he works and how he lives his life. So it’s been really good for me.”

Pattinson’s upcoming projects include Wes Anderson’s directorial debut, *The Isle* (2019), in which he plays a doctor who falls in love with a woman (Kathryn Marquez) he saves during a medical emergency. He is also set to star alongside Halle Berry in the psychological thriller *Chronic* (2020), and the heist thriller *Una Noche* (2020) with Pedro Pascal.

Pattinson’s foray into cinema shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. After all, he’s long been considered one of the most beautiful men in the world and has been linked to numerous A-list celebs. The British actor was previously married to actress Demi Moore (between 1997 and 2004) and is the father of her two children, Scout and Tallulah (with Moore). He’s also the brother of Stella McCartney, who is married to musician Tom Petty.

Pattinson’s look in the Dior ad—clothed in a silk kimono and black trousers with a tropical print shirt and open-necked shirt—is a far cry from the traditional bespoke suits associated with his Hollywood career. However, it’s clear that the actor still enjoys the trappings of his celebrity. In an interview with Vogue in July 2018, he said:

“I love to dress well and I love to be stylish. I think that style can make or break a man… You can’t really hide away from it. You have to be confident in yourself and your looks, because ultimately you are what you wear. And I like to be looked at.”

We can’t argue with his logic. Still, this ad should remind you that fashion can be a powerful tool to bring attention to what’s important in your life—even if it’s just for a few fleeting minutes. And what could be more important than your loved ones?

Signature Scents & Fragrances

While the star’s look in the Dior ad is quite unique, it’s not his first time donning Italian couture. The actor featured in the brand’s Spring 2019 ads, which were published on its website and printed in the Spring 2019 issue of *Vogue*. In the campaign, he is seen in a series of breathtaking looks that recall the house’s famous silk scarves.

With each photograph, Pattinson wears a different fragrance and signature scent, starting with the floral scent, Dior Angel. The ad then cuts to black-and-white images of the actor sitting at a piano, his hair neatly groomed and falling over his tuxedo, evoking the house’s Bluebeard fragrance. Finally, we’re treated to a series of shots in which he wears the citrusy, woody scent, Dior Homme, taking us back to the cinematic vibe of the commercial.

In the interview with *Vogue*, Pattinson said of the ad:

“The styling and the fragrances are incredible. I tried on five different fragrances, and they were all incredible. I loved playing with different scents and enjoying the different effects that they have. Dior is a house that designs its fragrances with poetic names, and I think that ‘Homme’ is one of the most poetic fragrances. It’s very masculine and powerful, and it’s one of the few fragrances that I know I can actually smell the woodiness of the tree that it was made from. It’s really unique.”

The French luxury goods company has been responsible for some of the most iconic fashion fragrances of all time, designating new scents and re-formulating existing ones each season. We can’t help but wonder what other magnificent smells he has in store for us.

What Does This Mean For Robert Pattinson’s Career?

Though this commercial is a breath of fresh air, it’s important to remember that advertising can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can expose your secret desires and hidden interests; on the other, it can showcase your talent and unique brand of style. In the same way, David Lynch used his cinematic prowess to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of Florence Welch’s voice, this commercial could help to further establish her as a serious singing talent. Still, we have to wonder if this is the beginning of the end for ‘Twilight’s’ brightest star.