It’s been a minute since we’ve seen or heard from our favourite British actor, Robert Pattinson. After spending more than a year filming in Europe and Australia, the former Twilight hunk has been keeping busy since the beginning of the year appearing in a number of indie films and shows. However, his time on-screen has not been without controversy as he has recently been in the headlines for another cheating scandal. Nevertheless, the 52 year old actor has not exactly shied away from the spotlight and has continually pushed the boundaries of celebrity social media with his semi-regular social media posts. This has notably seen him embrace a more active lifestyle, which has in turn fuelled speculation about his personal life.

While we know that he has been dating Japanese supermodel and television personality, Miuccia Prada for several months, the exact nature of their relationship remains a mystery. Even more intrigue is added to the mix by the fact that they previously worked together when Miuccia was Prada’s design assistant. What is known is that Prada has been spotted wearing a number of designer pieces which she has co-branded with Miu Miu, including a grey Prada jacket with a white handbag and shoe set. These accessories could potentially be a representation of their collaboration as it is known that Prada is a key figure in Miu Miu’s success. The designer has also been seen wearing Miu Miu-branded white earrings, white studs and a white necklace which has prompted further speculation about the nature of their professional relationship. This has not been lost on the fashion media with magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia running feature stories on the budding designer and star as a couple.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Miu Miu’s first store in Australia, we take a look at what to wear with Robert Pattinson’s Dior Homme 2020.

Dior Homme

The latest incarnation of Dior’s signature scent, Homme, was first introduced to the world in 2015. The fragrance retains the same distinct and unique blend of mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit and apricot which was present in its predecessor, but in a more refined and subtle form. The change in texture and slightly more refined citrus notes give the fragrance a sense of modernity and refinement. As with previous scents in the range, there is a definite nostalgic element as Dior Homme 2020 pays tribute to the golden era of men’s fragrances. It is rumoured that only a select group of male perfumers were allowed to work on the new version of Dior Homme. The designer said that their goal was to capture the essence of the fragrance while also “subverting it a little bit”. The result is a timeless fragrance for men which will no doubt continue to be worn widely into the foreseeable future.

Couple Rings

If there’s one place we’re sure to see Miu Miu and Robert Pattinson, it’s at a couple’s engagement or wedding. The two have been photographed numerous times dressed in matching rings and we can’t get over how on-point they look together. As with any celebrity wedding, the dress code is pretty much set by the bride and it should fit the couple’s personal style. For Miu Miu, smart dressing is essential as she looks stunning no matter what she wears. She always manages to pull off a look whether she’s wearing a simple black dress or a gorgeous gown.

Miu Miu’s favourite designer for weddings and other big events is of course Dior, with whom she has a long-standing professional relationship. It would be remiss not to mention that her bridal gown, which she has worn on multiple occasions, is crafted from the designer’s iconic silk dupioni. The designer has also created a special bespoke white suit for Miu Miu’s husband, Sergej, which she has worn on their wedding day. This, of course, is a repeat of the designer’s most popular look from the ’90s.

Dior made a further statement about the couple’s relationship with the bespoke white suit which Miu Miu wore for her wedding to Sergej. The designer said, “Every couple deserves a wedding that is unique to them. For Miu Miu and Sergej, our mission was to create an unforgettable wedding day that was perfectly matched to their personal style, colours and theme. Above all, we wanted to surprise them with a special gift that would be befits an iconic designer and queen of fashion.”


Like any other celebrity, Miu Miu’s style has moved with the times. While her fashion choices have always been on-point and will remain so, she has taken a more active role in styling herself for specific events such as the Venice Film Festival or the Met Gala. As well as dressing for a wedding or engagement, the designer has also been spotted at a number of film festivals donning costumes designed by Christian Dior. Most notably, Miu Miu has modelled a number of looks from the designer’s Resort 20 collection, including a white Dior dress with a blue overlay, and a white Dior dress with a red overlay. Christian Dior also designed the costumes for Miu Miu’s Met Gala appearance last year.

This is, of course, as close to a full-fledged fashion collaboration as one could hope for and further testament to the design house’s continued confidence in the British queen. The designer has also been seen in a combination of Dior and Givenchy and a stunning black dress with white lace which she wore to the Met Gala in New York City in May last year. While the designer has always had a relationship with Christian Dior, this was further heightened when she became the face of the designer’s resort scent, Celine.

What About Accessory Pieces?

Like Miu Miu’s gowns, Christian Dior’s signature pieces are never truly finished products. The designer always has something new up their sleeve and it seems that this latest collaboration with Miu Miu is no different. With every look, the designer has unveiled more beautiful pieces that could form part of a greater whole. While we wait for the designer’s next grand unifrom, we are definitely in for a treat. Let’s hope that Miu Miu does not break the bank.