You may have heard of the new Robert Pattinson fragrance for Dior. The British actor is best known for his leading role in the Twilight series, in which he plays the role of Edward Cullen. It was first released in September 2016 and it features an array of iconic flowers, including heliotrope, orange blossom, and jasmine. But what exactly does this fragrance tell us about the state of modern romance?

Modern Romance

It’s no secret that the stigma surrounding fragrances and their associations is fast disappearing. Today, people are just as interested in what aromas are put into their garments as in what’s been said about the wearer. The rise of plant-based perfumes has meant that we are constantly surrounded by smells rather than just occasional ones. This has also fueled a huge increase in the popularity of perfumers’ bottles as decorative items.

Because many people confuse aromas with feelings, modern romance has benefited from this shift in thinking. What was once seen as a dirty secret that required an act of will to overcome is now considered a natural and even desirable part of a romantic relationship. The stigma has been replaced with a celebration of individuality and freedom of choice. So, it’s safe to say that if you want to know what modern romance is all about, you have to ask your fragrance which way to go.


If you’ve been following the news, you’ll no doubt heard that the latest fragrance from Dior is named after the famous ‘kiss’ campaign. The brand’s marketing department has decided that the best way to show off their new scent is by having the British actor walk down the red carpet holding a bottle of it. And not just any bottle—this is the ‘masterpiece’, as it’s a work of art.

The idea behind the ‘kiss’ campaign is to promote inclusivity and equality. While it’s great that Dior are embracing and promoting diversity, the decision to use a fragrance named after a famous heterosexual ‘love’ story is a move that could be interpreted as ‘selling out’. And that’s a shame, because when it comes to inclusivity and LGBT rights, the brand could have gone above and beyond.

The reason that the ‘kiss’ fragrance is such an interesting case is that it features a blend of jasmine and heliotrope—florals which have mostly been associated with femininity and sweetness. Even more interesting is that Dior’s creative director, Raf Simons, has cited female-female eroticism as a key inspiration for the ‘kiss’ scent. Simons has said that he wished to “create a scent that is rich of women’s sensual desires”.

It’s no secret that Dior are masters when it comes to creating perfumes. Their expertise in combining various layers of scents has made them a firm favorite among perfumers and fragrance lovers. With the ‘kiss’ fragrance, they’ve managed to marry two seemingly incompatible things—a traditional floral scent (jasmine) with a modern sensual one (heliotrope). And what’s more, they’ve done it justice. When you put it on, you’ll immediately be transported away to a romantic dream world where you’re embracing your sensual side and letting your hair down.