If you’re a fan of the late-night TV show “The Tonight Show,” then you’ll know that the most recent guest has usually been subject to the whims of the show’s audience. Jimmy Fallon is currently hosting the show, and since launching the segment “Pop Culture Quiz,” he’s quizzed celebrities on everything from One Direction to Game of Thrones. Tonight was no exception. As Robert Pattinson entered the interview room, Fallon greeted him with a giant cardboard box wrapped in shiny paper.

Pattinson’s eyes lit up as he saw the gift card inside. He thanked Fallon and then carefully peeled back the wrapping paper. Inside were two gift cards. One was for Diesel, the luxury fragrance company, and the other was for Estee Lauder. He gave a small, polite laugh as he pulled out the gift card for Diesel. “I’m going to give this to my wife,” he said. “She wears Diesel. For me, it’s the opposite. I love my gentle yet sensual lavender-based scents. I’m going to give this to my hairdresser, because I love getting my hair done there.” He gave a small laugh again before pulling out the Estee Lauder gift card. “This is for my mother. She’s been wanting to try Estée Lauder for a long time, and I thought this might be a nice occasion to give it to her.”

Fashion Forecaster

Fallon and his team of comedians ask the celebrity guests for their opinions on the latest trends and then compare the responses to those of professional fashion analysts. They then try to predict what will be the hot item in fashion in the coming months. That’s how they got the idea for “Pop Culture Quiz.”

Robert Pattinson is certainly no stranger to fashion questions. Since breaking off his engagement with actress Kristen Stewart, he’s become more focused on his appearance and style. He has worked with the fashion photographer Inez van Lamsen on several occasions and regularly covers fashion magazines like Vogue and W magazine. Inez has photographed him on several occasions and was even featured in a recent issue of Vogue. As part of her job as a fashion forecaster, Inez van Lamsen predicted that Diesel would be the biggest trend for men in 2014. Not only does she get to work with one of fashion’s greats, but also get to ask him questions about fashion and style. Van Lamsen and Pattinson’s stylist, Lisa Snowdon, did a little fashion detective work and found 17 common styles that the actor has sported throughout the years. They then recreated these looks using current brands and products that Pattinson might still own. The fashion forecaster/stylist duo did an impressive job of finding exact matches for each outfit. They recreated all of Pattinson’s former looks, including those he wore in the early aughts, which were some of the most memorable fashion moments of the past ten years.

In order to match the styles of the past, Pattinson will need to update his wardrobe. Although he owns a large number of vintage pieces, he will need to find a way to incorporate more modern elements into his look. Inez van Lamsen has worked with many famous people, including Kate Middleton, and has seen first-hand how style influences a person’s life. “It’s amazing how much more accessible designers’ products are now compared to back then,” she said. “I’ve never worked with someone with such a large collection of vintage garments. It’s great to be able to bring these pieces back to life and see how the styles have stood the test of time.”

Romantic King

When it comes to romance, we often think about falling in love, getting engaged, and walking down the aisle. What many people don’t realize is that some of the greatest romances in history have not involved physical intimacy at all. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s famously tempestuous relationship, for example, was largely defined by their interactions with others. This focus on other people is what led Burton to coin the term “Romantic King.”

Like Taylor’s and Burton’s relationship, the romantic bond between Robert Pattinson and his wife, Kate Winslet, is not based on physical attraction. Although both are stunning women, it’s clear that their romantic connection is more intellectual and emotional than anything else. On numerous occasions, the King of Romance has spoken about the joys of parenthood, the importance of family, and the meaning of love. In a 2013 interview, Pattinson discussed how important it is to him to remain friends with his former co-stars. “It’s so funny,” he said. “I work with people I love, and it feels like I’ve known them forever. I want to continue that feeling when I’m not working with them. It’s more important to me than ever that I focus on family and friends and not work too hard.”