You may have read about Robert Pattinson’s recent weight loss surgery or you may have seen the many photos of him post-surgery and wondered what his secret was. Well, wonder no more! Kelly Choi, a Los Angeles-based nutritionist, broke down Pattinson’s diet and workout plan in an interview with

What Type Of Nutritionist Does He Work With?

Choi told that she helps celebrities and professional athletes prepare for their roles with special dietary needs. For example, Choi helped Jessica Alba get pre-production ready for her Dark Angel movie by fitting her with a bio-fluid suit and feeding her gluten-free foods. In order to get ready for her role as the White Queen in the classic Game of Thrones, Alba had to cut out gluten, dairy, and wheat products from her diet.

Choi also had to devise a diet for the late, great Steve Jobs. Before his death in October 2006, Jobs had a hard time eating fruit and vegetables due to his severe stomach condition, which ultimately caused his early death. Because of Jobs’ dietary restrictions, Choi had to come up with special meal ideas that he would enjoy. The nutritionist also helped create a meal plan for rapper Kanye West, who has a lot of fans in the tech world. According to Choi, West’s diet consists of foods that he enjoys, such as fish, chicken, and pasta, but he also needs to reduce his alcohol intake and kick his soda habit.

Choi’s clients’ range from high-profile individuals to everyday people who want to lose weight and feel better about themselves. She works with all kinds of people, whether or not they are on a diet, to help them reach their goals.

What Type Of Diet Does He Follow?

Choi told that, in general, she pushes her clients to eat healthy, organic foods as much as possible and avoid processed foods. She also wants her clients to get omega-3 fatty acids from plant sources rather than animal products. For example, she recommends eating walnuts rather than shelling them herself because they contain more nutrition as well as antioxidants and phytochemicals that fight obesity and boost the immune system.

Choi’s diet recommendations for her clients often revolve around vegetarianism, veganism, or both, and she encourages her clients to read labels to know what substances are in the food they eat. Moreover, she wants her clients to get all the nutrition they need from natural foods rather than supplements because she thinks that supplements can cause harm.

How Is His Workout Routine?

According to Choi, getting in shape for a role is different from just losing weight for weight loss. To play an iconic character like the White Queen in the Game of Thrones, Alba, you need to take your training seriously and prepare for up to five hours of filming a day, six days a week. Because of this, she developed a workout routine that includes cardio and strength training. She also makes sure to get enough rest and nutrition so that she can maintain her energy levels while filming.

With regard to his diet and workout plan, Pattinson told Rolling Stone, “I try not to think about food too much while I’m exercising. I have this exercise bike that I use, and the only thing I’m focused on is keeping my body moving the right way.”

What Type Of Beverages Does He Drink?

Although Pattinson is not on a diet, he does not drink alcohol, so he does not need to give up his favorite beverages. However, he does not drink too many either. In the same interview with Rolling Stone, Pattinson said, “I don’t need to have something in front of me when I eat, so I don’t drink when I’m eating. I usually have diet coke or sparkling water.”

Choi recommended that her clients avoid carbonated beverages because they are often packed with sugar. Instead, she suggests her clients drink plain water or unsweetened herbal tea. Regardless, she wants her clients to hydrate properly because it can make a big difference in their overall health.

When Do They Eat?

Although most of Pattinson’s diet and workout tips come from health professionals, he still follows a traditional eating schedule. According to Choi, most of her clients eat breakfast before they start their day, whether they are on set or not. Moreover, most of them eat lunch between two and four P.M., depending on what movie they are filming and whether or not they are on set. Finally, dinner is the main course, and they usually eat cake or ice cream as a dessert.

Pattinson, like the rest of the world, has adapted to social distance due to the pandemic. As a result, he eats a lot of quick, easy meals which consist of grilled chicken, fish, and pasta. When it comes to his workouts, he mainly focuses on cardio and weight training, but he does mix in some rebounding because it gives his muscles a break from the weight they are continually lifting.

How Is His Mental Hygiene?

As with the rest of the world, Pattinson’s mental health has taken a hit due to the pandemic. Because of this, he makes sure to get sufficient rest and relaxation in between takes so that he can maintain his energy levels while filming. In order to reduce his anxiety and depression, he focuses on taking care of himself both physically and mentally. He avoids going outside unless he has to and keeps his apartment clean.

Choi also helps her clients identify their limiting beliefs and replaces them with empowering thoughts. For example, she helped one of her clients, who was convinced that she would never fit into the beautiful dress that the character she was playing required, with the message “I am enough. I will feel confident in any dress.”

Pattinson’s diet and lifestyle changes may seem minor. However, there are a lot of people out there who could benefit from his wisdom. Although he doesn’t focus on food much while he’s exercising, he does drink a lot of water and avoid soft drinks. Moreover, in his interview with Rolling Stone, he said, “I don’t need to have something in front of me when I eat, so I don’t drink when I’m eating. I usually have diet coke or sparkling water.” A bottle of water, some raw almonds, and this article should keep you hydrated and fuelled for your daily workouts.