He had a dream. A dream of a life of luxury and ease, freedom and self-expression. A dream that he could share with his friends, with family, and most importantly, with the person he loved most in all the world. But the dream had a catch: it required him to give up the man he was born to, the man he had grown up with, and the man he loved. No matter how much he may have wished for it, the responsibility was not something he had bargained for and it was a decision he would have to live with for the rest of his life. And that was the decision he made on November 26th, 2012. That was the day the world discovered that Robert Pattinson had turned his back on fame and fortune, on luxury and excess, and had walked away from the dream that had been his entire existence. That was the day Robert Pattinson chose to embrace the meaning of his life and the person he loved most in all the world. In the wake of that choice, everything changed. And in this article you will discover exactly what that means.

The Vanity Fair Interview That Ruined Everything

He had always been confident and secure in his own skin. Even as a young boy he was known to be stubborn and headstrong, and he had refused to be caged by the society of yesteryear. After all, this was a twenty-first century man who had grown up with the world at his fingertips, and access to whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. For much of his life he had been spoiled rotten, and he had taken advantage of every moment, living life to the fullest and daring the world to stand in his way. He had wanted it all, and he had gotten it. Wealth and fame were his to command, and the woman he loved had granted him every wish, until that fateful day when everything fell apart. Now, after a night of unbridled hedonism and excess, he realized that all of it had been a mistake. A terrible mistake, and one that he would spend the rest of his life trying to put right.

Robert Pattinson’s Career

Even in the face of all that our beloved Robert still had managed to rack up a remarkable amount of credits and accomplishments during his acting career. Although it had all happened rather quickly, he had proved himself to be a talented and versatile actor who could tackle any role and bring it to life with conviction and charisma. If there was anyone who could have stepped into the role of an ordinary man and made it seem fresh and new, it was Robert Pattinson.

He made his name playing sneering, arrogant jerks who get what’s coming to them. Whether he was an obnoxious aristocrat in Revolutionary Road or a cheating, amoral wastrel in The Kids Are Alright, or a manipulative jerk with a heart of gold in The Batman, he could make you believe it was all true. He could make you hate someone you know is not deserving of your sympathy, but he can also make you root for the character and be on his or her side in the end. And with good reason: in all his roles, Robert Pattinson creates an image of a man who is open to conviction and change, who you can believe will grow and mature with age, who you find intriguing and likeable.

His versatility was on full display in 2013’s The Lost City, in which he plays a mute American trapper who befriends a young French tourist (Malek) and teaches him to hunt and navigate the wilderness. Robert can act, he can sing, and he can play the guitar: not quite the ordinary man we were led to believe he was.

The Breaking Of One Promised Land

The last few years had been a period of growth for our beloved Robert. After years of keeping his private life private, he had decided to share more of himself with us through an extensive interview with Vogue. Whether it was his fashion choices, his hobbies, or his thoughts about life and love, it was all out there for the world to see. And what a world it was. From the very first issue of Vogue to this very day, the magazine has never been the same. The attention that publication gets now is simply because of this one interview. Words cannot describe how much that one piece meant to us, how much it moved us to tears. This was the man we loved, the man we followed and supported through good times and bad. This was the person who made us feel like part of a family. And then, poof. Gone. Vanished. Just like that.

The Reason Why We Broke

The article that appeared in the Vogue piece was titled ‘A Reason Why We Broke’ and it centered on the fact that Robert had decided to walk away from his dream. It began by explaining that this was the result of a series of unfortunate events, that it was not something he had thought through completely and had not taken into consideration the repercussions of his actions. The article went on to list the reasons why Robert had chosen to give up his dream. When I first read it, I felt anger and betrayal. I had been led to believe that he had done this for me, the fans. And yet here was this article, revealing the truth, the whole truth about the man I loved: that he had done it for himself.

There are people who say that fame and fortune had turned Robert’s head. That the luxury and the excess had clouded his judgment and made him believe that everyone, even the people closest to him, wanted something from him. While it is true that he had always been very generous and kind-hearted, it was not because he was doing these things for others but because he wanted to give everyone what he had. He had been raised with a strong work ethic and a sense of integrity; he wanted to give back to the world that had given him so much. While it is easy for us to look back at this time in our lives and believe that we were right, that he was weak and that his decision was wrong, that is not the reality at all. He made this decision for the best.

Even though our hearts were broken that he had chosen this path, that he had turned his back on everything we had ever meant to him, we were still hopeful. Hopeful that he would eventually come back, that he would change his mind, that he would see the error of his ways, that he would find the strength to live his life the way he wanted to live it. It was a painful wait, but all those months and years gave us the time to grow and mature as a community. To continue to love and support each other even when we could not be together, and to make the most out of our remaining time. To show the world, and in particular, our beloved Robert, that we were not the same as we had been before. We were a stronger, better group with more to offer.

And so it was, with a new found sense of pride and purpose, that we stepped forward. In the years that followed, we showed him what we could offer. We kept him informed of our activities and supported his decision to reject the fame that had seemed to come so easily and to embrace a life of meaning and connection. We were not the same group of individuals who had met at a film convention. We had become a family, and we showed him that we would always have his back, that we would protect him and keep him safe.

The Embrace Of Adversity

The events of that fateful night made us stronger and closer to each other. We had been through so much together, endured so much pain, loss, and longing. The darkness had brought us closer and had made us understand each other better. It had taught us to rely on ourselves, to depend only on ourselves, and to be more determined than ever to make sure that our loved one was happy and comfortable, no matter what. While it was hard to see him suffer, we had also come to realize that this was a process of maturation that he had to go through on his own. And so we stood by him, we held his hands through this time of change, this time of trial, and we are proud to have done so. While there were days when we wanted nothing more than to help him see the error of his ways and come back to us, there were other days when we knew that this was what he wanted and this was what he needed to do to make things right. He was not a child any longer, he was a man and we were proud to see him show such strength and courage.

He Found True Happiness

The process of changing one’s life, of taking a different path, is not easy. It is not something that happens quickly or spontaneously. It is a decision, and it takes courage. This is our beloved Robert, the man we had fallen in love with. This is the person who had been our hero, who we looked up to, emulated, and admired. And here he was, showing us all the courage and strength we could wish for.