Wellness Expert Q&As are a fantastic way for consumers to get key information about the products and services they use daily. But, as is so often the case, the real value comes from the fact that you can engage with the expert directly through the platform.

That ability to engage comes in particularly handy when the expert is in a position of some authority, and can therefore set the agenda of the conversation. This was certainly the case when it came to Robert Pattinson’s decision to turn down the role of Batman. After rejecting the part, he addressed the rumours surrounding his decision and offered some great tips on living a healthier lifestyle.

How Did You Get The Part?

The truth is, I didn’t really get the part. The director called me to audition and I went in and did my monologue from the play. Afterward, he asked me if I’d like to be in the movie and I said “Yes, I think so.”

I was originally going to be in something called The Incredible Hulk, which is a really funny piece of trash. Then I read an interview with Robert Pattinson, and he said something about being in a superhero movie. So I thought, “Well, why not? That sounds like a laugh!”, and I went in for another audition.

Why Did You Reject The Part?

I was told that I had a certain charisma that was going to be valuable in the part, but I didn’t feel that I had enough to offer. This was coming from a reputable company that normally finds the person they need, so I thought that maybe this was a mistake. When I rejected the part, they told me that there was another audition the following week and they hoped that I’d change my mind.

Is This The First Time You’ve Done Acting?

I’ve never done acting, so this was my first time. I feel like the most obvious thing to say is that Hollywood is Hollywood and this isn’t going to change overnight, but I do think that it’s important to understand where you come from and what you stand for. I’ve always been a really proud person and since I was a kid, I’ve been really into animals and ecology. So if you’re asking me to be in a movie where animals are acting like animals, I’m going to have to say no. Sorry!

What Is Your Favorite Way To Exercise?

I’m definitely a fan of HIIT training. It’s short and effective and I like that it focuses on your core muscles instead of your legs, which tend to be the first to go when you’re bored of exercising. I also enjoy weightlifting, but it’s hard for me to find the time to do it regularly. It’s a good idea though, because it really builds up your muscles and gives you that healthy, bulky physique that men and women want to have. One of my favorite workouts is the rope climb because it forces you to continually engage your arms and legs while also relying on your core muscles. I would love to be able to do that everyday, but it’s not always possible. Still, I think it’s important to have a workout plan that you follow regularly, even if it’s just for thirty minutes a day. It will help you stay consistent and improve your health.

What Is Your Favorite Breakfast Foods?

Something exotic really sounds good right now, like lobster or crab cakes. Also, I’m a huge fan of asparagus. Sometimes the simplest things are the best, and I think that’s exactly what cooking is all about. As for sweets, I really like brownies and chocolate cakes, but I don’t eat them too frequently, because I’d like to keep my muscles in good shape. I avoid fast food and I rely mostly on plants based protein and vegetables for my daily meals. I feel better for it, and so does my skin!

How Do You Feel About The Hypes Around The New Batman Movie?

I’m a little worried, to be honest. I think that people get a little too excited about these things and they forget about the work that goes into making a quality film. It’s not going to be the same as watching a Marvel movie or a DC movie, because they’re going to have a different pace and a different feel. I hope that people aren’t going to be so hyped up about it that they lose sight of what’s important, which is the work that went into making the movie good.

Do You Feel Like You’re More Into Comics Or Movies?

I feel like I’m more into comics. When I was younger, I would spend a lot of time with my nose in a comic book or a graphic novel. I like to travel with my eyes open, so I see the world from a different perspective now. Still, I feel like I have a broader knowledge of literature when it comes to comics. With movies, I feel like I learn a lot through osmosis. You have good actors and bad actors, and I’ve learned a lot just from being on sets and observing. It’s not that I’m smarter than the people who made the movies, but I feel like I’ve developed an extra set of neurons through experience!

What Would You Change About Hollywood?

Not much, actually. I think that Hollywood is pretty amazing, and I think that it’s changed a lot in the right direction over the years. It’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to representation, but I feel that it’s getting better all the time. I don’t think that there’s a need to change anything about Hollywood, except perhaps for the parts that it plays. Sometimes, I feel like the stories that are being told there aren’t reflective of today’s society at all, and it needs to reflect more of what’s going on in the world. But, for the most part, I’m really, really happy with Hollywood and I think that it’s amazing that I get to be a part of it all. The industry is evolving, but I don’t really see it as something that needs to change. The more that change the worse it is for everyone, and I think that Hollywood is trying to do the right thing by incorporating more diversity.

What’s Next?

I’d like to do a lot of commercials. I did a print campaign for a clothing brand called “The Society”, and we had some really cool stuff going on there. In one of the ads, I had to climb a wall and it was a real challenge, physically and mentally, and I loved every minute of it. It was a real workout! I also did some voiceover work for an environmental campaign, and it was fun but stressful, because there was so much pressure to get it right. Still, I look back on my time in commercials with fondness. I think that it’s an amazing way to make a living, and it’s allowed me to travel the world and meet a lot of interesting people. While I was doing TV commercial work I also started writing a column for a men’s fashion magazine, which led to me doing a lot of voiceover work for online retailers. It’s all pretty random really, and I feel like it’s helped me to grow as a person and become confident in myself. I still work out, and I enjoy spending time with my family, but I feel like I’ve found a really good balance between work and life.