It’s been a rough year for the people behind the walls at Wayne Manor. Between the cold war between Commissioner Gordon and the Penguin, the mysterious appearances of Selena and her sister, the intense hunt for the Batman as a result of the events of The Dark Knight Rises, and the tragic loss of Harvey Wayne as a consequence of his dealings with the criminal underworld, it’s been a difficult time for Bruce Wayne and his extended family.

One of the most notable members of this family is Robert Pattinson, who plays the titular character in the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Batman. Unusually, Batman wasn’t originally intended to be played by a vampire; at least, not by one whose name is also Robert Pattinson. In fact, when Christopher Nolan was developing the idea of ​​the Dark Knight, he had a long list of possible actors he could have cast in the part. At the top of the list was Michael Jackson, due to the fact that Nolan was a huge fan of the pop singer’s music. When Jackson declined the offer, Nolan was forced to turn to his backup plan: Robert Pattinson.

A Rising Star

Though he’s just starting out, Pattinson has already made a name for himself in Hollywood. He’s currently best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, but he’s also had parts in Bridesmaids and the upcoming Dirty Grandpa as well as a cameo in the Harry Potter series. He was also chosen to portray the iconic vampire Louis in the upcoming series  Dexter’s Laboratory. On the big screen, he’s mostly appeared in character roles, but he’s had some lead parts, most notably in the drama Pedigree. He won’t become a household name until much later, but already, he’s established himself as a presence to be reckoned with in Hollywood. And what’s more is that he’s currently one of the most bankable young stars in Hollywood.

Gothic Ambiance

The most striking thing about Batman is just how different it is from anything else out there right now. It’s not just that it’s a superhero movie – it’s that everything about it is so unique. For starters, the setting is almost entirely made up of gloomy shadows and long dark passages. A huge chunk of the story takes place at night, and even during the day, the gloom is ever-present. It almost feels like you’re watching a horror movie, but one with a very grim and realistic tone.

This is most likely due to the fact that Nolan and his team of artists and writers were directly inspired by the Batman comics, which they reference heavily. Although the events of The Dark Knight trilogy take place in a modern-day Gotham, it’s heavily inspired by the grittiness of the ’40s and ’50s. The city is dirty and full of scum, and it’s very much defined by its rough edges. It was a breath of fresh air for people who love a good old-fashioned ghost story, but it’s also the complete opposite of everything we’re used to seeing these days.

The Ultimate Role

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. When it comes to casting, Nolan went above and beyond simply finding the best actor for the role. Not only does he give his young star a chance to shine, but he also gives us something fresh to look forward to. What’s more is that with each passing day, the anticipation for Batman is increasing. This isn’t the usual Hollywood practice of keeping a low profile and only showing major releases at the end of the year. This is a movie that people are genuinely looking forward to, and it’s easily one of the most anticipated releases this year.

Since this is an ensemble cast, it wouldn’t do justice to just talk about one character. Each of the players brings something special to the screen, and it’s more than worth the price of admission. The fact that this is an origin story means that we’re getting to see a lot of actors that we’ve never seen before, but it also means that they have to play versions of themselves. This is a role that could potentially spoil some of their careers. Who knows – maybe this will be the role that makes Michael Caine a household name.

Something Different

Something else that sets this film apart from any other is that it doesn’t really fit into any other category. Usually, we have our happy comedies, our romance films, and our action-adventure flicks. But with Batman, it’s a little bit of all three, and a lot of something different. It’s a superhero flick, but it’s also a crime drama, and it’s also got a bit of a romance story in there as well. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of genres wrapped in an origin story that’s packed full of iconic characters.

This is not to say that it’s bad. Far from it. In fact, it’s probably the most well-rounded and multi-layered film that we’ve seen from Nolan. A master of his craft, he creates a dark and gritty world full of memorable characters and dazzling visuals.

But it’s not without its flaws. The biggest of which is, obviously, the incredibly long title. Before, it was simply called The Batman. Now, with each passing release, it’s getting longer and longer, and it’s almost impossible to remember all of these various aliases. It used to be that we’d just call the movie what it was – Batman. These days, we have to keep adding on the extra letters in order to make sense of it all. It would have been better if they’d stuck with the original title, which is much more convenient when searching for information elsewhere online. Thanks, Internet. You’re ruining my life.

An Act to Follow

One of the biggest draws to the Dark Knight is the chance to see Batman in action. Though we’ve seen him interact with the cops and Gordon on multiple occasions throughout the comics, it’s nice to finally get a chance to see him put his detective skills to work. One of the most memorable scenes is when Bruce Wayne investigates the mob-owned nightclub that he’s trying to infiltrate. It’s a tense moment when he has to make a difficult choice: save the people inside or stay true to his identity and catch the criminals.

This is a role that requires a certain degree of intensity. Not only does it have to pull off a dramatic shift in persona, but it also has to physically transform into the person we know and love. We’ve seen men in tights before, but very rarely have we seen the impact that wearing these tight-fit clothes can have on a man’s body. One thing’s for sure: this won’t be the last we’ve seen of Robert Pattinson in a costume.

So, what do you think of Batman so far? Are you looking forward to seeing more of the quirky antics of Jack Nicholson’s Joker? Or do you think that Pattinson will bring something entirely different to the role? We’d love to hear your thoughts – leave us a comment below!