The rumors are true: Robert Pattinson and Dick Clark are officially dating, and multiple reports say the two are spending more time together than ever before. What happens when two virgins get together? Let’s dive into the fascinating details. More importantly, let’s find out if this latest publicity stunt means anything bigger for either man.

When Is The First Date?

It’s been almost a full year since the first reports of Robert Pattinson and Dick’s relationship, and while the two have been together ever since, they didn’t officially become a couple until October 2019. According to E!, the two first saw each other at a private dinner party in England in September 2019. After that, they started hanging out more frequently and eventually decided to go on a couple’s first date. That date happened to be on October 29th, and it was a lot of fun.

Since then, they’ve been officially together and have been spending more time than ever before. Now that they’re no longer afraid of getting married, maybe it’s time to live together — an option that was previously denied to them due to their age difference (Pattinson is 28 years old and Clark is 87).

Are They Dating To Push A Certain Product?

There are several theories floating around as to why Robert Pattinson and Dick would want to be seen together. While many fans believe the two are just using each other for publicity (and we can’t really blame them because it’s worked so far), there are also those who think they’re actually trying to promote a certain product. Specifically, a fragrance named after their famous dance.

Here’s the deal: In 1958, while in the middle of one of his legendary dances — in which he would spin multiple times around the studio while working with his band and other dancers — Dick asked the audience if anyone had an “unusual scent” they could smell. Most of the audience members held up their hand, and Dick then asked if they could please stand up and identify their scent. Thousands of people stood up and began identifying their scent, and when they were finished, Dick said, “Wow, I smell a beautiful mixture of musk and flowers.” He then added, “And I want to thank you all for standing up and identifying your scent. It’s a wonderful mixture, and I adore it.”

He continued by saying that this scent, which he wouldn’t reveal the name of until years later, was “destined to become a legendary fragrance.” Since then, people have speculated that perhaps Dick was talking about Chanel No. 5 when he named the fragrance after himself. Or perhaps it was a combination of all the fragrances he’d tried and loved over the years. Either way, it’s become something of a rite of passage for anyone who’s ever been interested in fragrances to have tried and identified the scent Dick made famous many years ago.

While we don’t know exactly what the two are doing behind closed doors, it’s clear that they’re trying to make the most of this newfound fame. Especially since we’re constantly reminded that this is a publicity stunt at the ripe old age of 28.

They Make For An Odd Couple.

Even after so many years, there’s still something fascinating about the odd couple of Robert Pattinson and Dick. First off, both men are famously attractive. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, they share a very unique connection. Not only do they come from wildly different backgrounds, but they were both born at the same time. Both men were born in 1933, making them the same age. As a result, they share an incredibly compelling dynamic. Even those who distrust publicity finds themselves rooting for the unlikely duo.

How Does Their Dance History Shape Their Partnership?

Before we get into how their dance history influences their partnership, it’s important to understand a few key things about both men. First off, they both love to dance. More importantly, Robert Pattinson was trained as a classical ballerina before making his name as a musician. As a result, he has a more refined sense of movement. In fact, he’s probably the best partner Dick could ever hope for.

However, even those who aren’t fans of classical dance will have to admit that Robert Pattinson can move. The fact that he’s able to come up with such graceful and impressive dance moves whenever he wants simply proves how talented this man is. On the other hand, Dick isn’t the best dancer in the world. He’s been known to frequently break character and rush into dance sequences just to keep up with Robert Pattinson. It’s almost as if he wants to be seen as the comedic relief of the situation.

A Legend In His Own Right.

While we’re on the subject of dance, it’s important to remember that Robert Pattinson is actually a legend in his own right. He began his music career as a teenager and eventually became one of the most in-demand musicians in the world. He released his first album, Good Times, at the age of 17, and it quickly became a classic in its own right. People love his music because it’s upbeat and incredibly listenable. Unfortunately, while some people may have heard of him, very few know exactly who he is outside of the music industry. It would take a pretty big dance move to change that.

Does This Date Mean Something Bigger For Dick?

Now that we’ve established that this is a publicity stunt born out of desperation, it’s time for some real talk. Does this date mean something bigger for Dick? If we put ourselves in his shoes for a moment, it’s easy to see why he might feel a little insecure. After all, he’s never really been able to share his romantic life with anyone. Not even his famous “Bop It” dance would change that. This is a man who spent most of his life worried about whether or not anyone would like him. It’s no wonder that he’d feel a little desperate for attention now that he’s in his late 80s.

In truth, we don’t know exactly what this latest development means for either man. It’s exciting to think that two legendary figures could finally share a romantic moment, but it’s also a little sad that it had to be done in such a public way. Hopefully, this will be the first of many “firsts” for this unlikely couple.