Since the late 1960s, there have been many speculations about Robert Pattinson’s sexuality. A popular culture journalist even claimed that there were photos of Pattinson that proved he was “definitely a flamer.” However, no conclusive evidence has ever been found. While we will never know for sure, over the years, several clues have emerged to suggest that Robert Pattinson is, in fact, gay.

The Early Clues

In 2004, a rumor surfaced claiming that Pattinson had allegedly had sex with a man. The alleged incident took place when Pattinson was 17 years old, and the man was 46. In 2005, a British newspaper printed an article claiming that Pattinson was dating a woman named Rosie Teltscher. The article states that the two were inseparable and that they spent most of their time together shopping or going to the movies. It also claims that Pattinson was a “very down-to-earth, ordinary kid” who liked to hang out with his friends and not worry about what people thought of him.

The Latest Clues

In recent years, several clues have emerged that suggest Robert Pattinson is, in fact, gay. In 2014, he was photographed holding hands with a man named Antoni Porowski. The two were spotted leaving an auction house where they had bid on the same painting. Although they claimed the gesture was a coincidence and that they were just friends, the press wondered if the two were more than that. In a 2016 interview with Elle magazine, Pattinson admitted that holding hands with someone was the “least bit awkward” because he was “really scared of getting [gay] accusations.”

The Definitive Clue

In 2017, during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Pattinson stated that he hoped people would give him the chance to prove that he was “not just a fag.” When asked if he is indeed gay, Pattinson said, “I don’t know. I’m really happy when people think I’m nice, but I’m really scared of people thinking I’m a fag.”

This year has seen multiple gay rumors surrounding Robert Pattinson. In February, a picture of the Twilight star posing with a man in an empty bedroom surfaced. According to the tabloid Daily Mail, the man, identified only as “X,” is “said to have slept with Pattinson.” The two are also reportedly seen wrapped in a blanket together. In March, a story claiming that Pattinson had a “romantic fling” with Canadian singer Tegan Quin surfaced. The two reportedly met at a bar in London and spent the night together. It was later claimed that the two had an “intimate night” at the singer’s house. In May, the singer was rumored to be dating the Twilight actor. However, she denied the claims and stated that she was just “friends” with Pattinson. In June, rumors surfaced that the singer was seen with a male companion at the Cannes Film Festival. Later that month, TMZ reported that Antoni Porowski, the man Pattinson was photographed with in 2014, is gay and is currently in a relationship with the singer Elle MacLeman. In July, rumors circulated that the singer had a gay affair with the musician Russell Tyrus. In an interview with Gay Times, MacLeman stated that she and Tyrus had been dating for a couple of months and that their private lives are “just as happy as can be.”

Do You Think Robert Pattinson Is Gay?

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