If there is one person we would like to see wearing a tuxedo in our city, it’s definitely Robert Pattinson. Not only does he look great in a suit, but he also has a unique way of wearing it. We’re talking about the whole black and white theme that he is so fond of. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at the details of this royal ensemble…

The Suits

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 10 years since we last saw Robert Pattinson in a classic blue suit. During this period he has grown his mustache, changed his hair color, and now sports a full head of hair. As a result, the suit styles have followed suit and we can see a clear link between the different periods of his life. From the impeccable Savile Row tailors that crafted his suits for the first and second film to his current favorite shirt makers. Worth noting is that he has stuck to only the finest brands for his clothes, never using low-quality garments. This obsession with quality is further showcased by the way he wears his suits. He often opens jackets and coats with a flourish, as if he were presenting a fresh suit to a waiting world. We definitely can’t overlook the fact that he has kept the exact same tailor for all of these changes.

The Hats

Let’s start with the most significant change of all – his hair. Back in his Edwardian stage, Robert had the classic mustache that we all know and love him for. But his hair has always been one of his defining features. The actor grew his hair out and it has never gone back. Not even for a moment. This is also why we need to separate his looks into different eras – his hair is now a full and thick head of hair. Even back in his Edwardian stage, this man’s hair always stayed out, never tied back. It was a glorious sight to behold, his head always adorned with flowers or fruit, as he arrived for his photo calls. It seems that he has always been in love with posing for the camera and using his looks to their full potential. Sometimes he would even bring his fashion assistants on his photo shoots, so they could better understand and explain to the fans the different looks he was going for. As you may have guessed, this is a man who truly knows how to dress and we can always rely on his teams to put together a magnificent look for him. Not to mention that he has always been a fan of hats. Even during the filming of the first Twilight movie, he was spotted with a baseball hat on the set. We guess it’s no secret that the hat was a great way to accessorize and give the impression of youthful vigor. Especially when paired with a cane or an umbrella. Let’s also not forget about his incredible Savile Row suits, made available to the public for the first time this year. Not only do we get to see the full array of his stylish looks from different periods of his life, but we are also able to relive some of his most significant fashion moments. From his early days in the spotlight to the most recent photoshoots. It’s all here, waiting for you to discover it. It won’t be easy to forget about this unique individual, now working hard to create a flawless image for himself and his brand. And we absolutely love how he does it.

The Sunglasses

It wouldn’t be a true Robert Pattinson look without the classic black sunglasses. Sometimes it’s the little details that give us the impression of a complete change in identity and it’s true – these sunglasses are a perfect fit for him. To add to the uniqueness of this pair of sunglasses, they feature large frames, with thick lenses. This is a style normally associated with the 1920s and it’s about time Robert sported this classic look, as it embodies the elegance and mystery he often portrays on screen. As you would expect from a man who enjoys dressing in vintage clothing, he has also been spotted on several occasions, wearing sunglasses from that era, including the Grand Tour movie premiere in Paris. We can also see how his new love for thick lenses would translate into the makeup products he endorses, as many of them feature thick lenses as well. It seems like he has been waiting for this moment all of his life and he finally found the perfect accessory to complete his unique look.

The Wallets

It’s amazing how much confidence this man has in his clothing choices. Even before the success of Twilight and the subsequent demand for his clothing, he was spotted with a large black wallet. Even now, as his brand grows, he still chooses to carry a black wallet in varying sizes, featuring his logo on the front, in the style of a gentlemen’s wallet. In a city that has grown exponentially more conscious of its fashion choices and the impact they have on the environment, it’s easy to see how he would continue to embrace the basics, using only the most classic and efficient colors for his bags and clothing. It’s also easy to see how he would continue to rely on reliable and quality brands, such as Hermes, for his accessories. This is a man who truly knows how to dress and we can always rely on his teams to put together a flawless look for him. He continues to evolve as a style icon but in a recognizable and familiar way. It’s evident that he has spent a lot of time thinking about this look and he has definitely not rushed into anything. Even before his success, he had already started relying on the advice of clothing icons, such as Gianni Versace, as he developed his personal style. And it’s paid off – today we can see how his unique way of dressing has helped him to evolve as an iconic film star and personality. Who would have figured that a man who seemed so effortless and cool back in his Edwardian days would one day end up being so well-known for his fashion choices? It’s safe to say that this is just the beginning for Robert Pattinson and we are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of his fascinating story.