It was recently revealed that actress and singer Taylor Swift was involved in a scandal where she and her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, had been fighting with each other, leading to the temporary break-up of their 3-year-old daughter, Amelia. Alwyn and Swift subsequently reached a divorce settlement, with each parent getting joint custody of their child.

While the scandal was unfolding, Taylor Swift continued hosting a weekly series of Instagram Live broadcasts from her house, documenting the life of a middle-class family. One of the things that struck me about these videos was not only how beautifully they were filmed (with Swift often acting as the director) but how thoughtfully they were planned. The episodes seem to have been curated with the utmost care, featuring interviews with key people in Taylor’s life as well as a range of family photos and home videos that humanized her predicament.

Now, it seems that her planning and curation had not been in vain. Just a few days after the divorce was finalised, it was revealed that Taylor Swift had acquired a new companion – none other than the one and only Robert Pattinson. The two were spotted holding hands while walking through New York City and have since been photographed multiple times enjoying each other’s company – most notably, at a wedding in Italy in early May.

If you’re not already following the recent evolution of Taylor Swift, you might want to step in and catch up. First, she was embroiled in a romantic scandal with actor John Stamos, which was resolved amicably. Then, she became embroiled in another romantic scandal with actor Tom Hanks, which was also resolved amicably. Most recently, she helped to broker the reunion of One Direction, making her the subject of countless headlines for her efforts. It’s fair to say that, over the past year, her life has been an embarrassment of riches, filled with steamy scandals and triumphant moments.

The Scandal-Free Beginnings Of A Beautiful Family

In April 2018, the spotlight was firmly fixed on actress Grace Kelly, marking the 100th anniversary of her marriage to the late United States president, later king of Great Britain, Dwight D. Eisenhower. The marriage produced two children, daughter Rosemary and son John. After her divorce from Eisenhower in 1961, Kelly went on to marry Antony Armstrong-Jones, the British designer and photographer, in 1966. The following year, the family moved to London, where they lived a private life as a couple and as parents to their two children, until 1999, when Armstrong-Jones died. Their son, Luke, succeeded to the title of Earl of Rathledge and became the new head of the family.

In 2017, at the age of eighty-one, Grace Kelly was hospitalized with pneumonia. In January of this year, she suffered a severe stroke. She was declared clinically dead for a period of time and, eventually, recovered partially but remains in a wheelchair. Her health has been the subject of much speculation, especially in the UK media. Some have commented that the year 2018 could be her last. After spending more than half a century out of the public eye, perhaps it’s time for Grace Kelly to make a comeback.

Robert Pattinson: The Prince Of Wales’ Spotted Skins

It’s been a busy year for Robert Pattinson. Not only did he marry his gorgeous girlfriend, Emily Blunt, in September 2018, but the actor has also been hailed as one of the year’s most eligible bachelors. According to recent reports, he is currently ranked the 4th most desirable bachelor in the world. In January 2019, the couple were spotted dancing together at a private party and have since been photographed in bed together on numerous occasions. However, despite all the speculation, there is still no word on whether or not they will continue to live together as a couple. Blunt has remained tight-lipped about her new marriage and, at the end of January, she was even spotted wearing a wedding dress while picking up her bridegroom from the airport. If you thought 2018 was a big year for Taylor Swift, just wait until 2020. The year that was.