Robert Pattinson is an actor known for his roles in Twilight, Harry Potter, and Tenet. But what many of his fans don’t know is that he’s an avid eater of the classic New York City hot dog.

When he’s not on the big screen, Pattinson has been known to be seen around Manhattan and Brooklyn chowing down on the iconic street food. He’s been known to frequent many of the city’s famous hot dog stands, including Papaya King and Gray’s Papaya.

But with the pandemic putting a damper on outdoor dining in the Big Apple, Pattinson is stuck without access to his favorite hot dog, and he’s desperate for a fix.

Why Robert Pattinson Loves the NYC Hot Dog

Pattinson was born and raised in London, so he has a unique appreciation for the fast-paced New York lifestyle. And there’s no better way to experience it than with a hot dog in hand.

The hot dog is an iconic symbol of the city, and Pattinson loves its classic combination of flavors. He’s a fan of the traditional toppings like mustard, ketchup, and relish, but also likes to get creative and add his own toppings, like sauerkraut, onions, and jalapenos.

The hot dog stands of NYC are a favorite of celebrities and locals alike, and Pattinson is no exception. He’s been to many of the most popular stands over the years and has even been spotted waiting in line for a hot dog, just like everyone else.

How Robert Pattinson is Dealing with the NYC Hot Dog Drought

The pandemic has put a damper on Pattinson’s hot dog habit, as outdoor dining has been restricted and many of the city’s hot dog stands have been forced to close. But Pattinson is determined to get his fix, and he’s been searching high and low for a good hot dog.

He’s tried the occasional fast food joint, but nothing compares to the real deal. He’s even been asking friends and family in other states if they can ship him a New York City hot dog, but to no avail.

But Pattinson isn’t giving up. He’s determined to find a hot dog that can satisfy his craving, and he’s not stopping until he does.


Robert Pattinson is a huge fan of the classic New York City hot dog, but with the pandemic restricting outdoor dining in the city, he’s been struggling to find a hot dog that can satisfy his craving.

He’s been trying all sorts of things to get his fix, from ordering from fast food joints to asking friends to ship him a hot dog from another state. But nothing compares to the real deal, and Pattinson is determined to find a hot dog that can quench his thirst for the New York City classic.