If you follow the acting industry, you may know that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart recently ended their three-year relationship. The couple broke off their engagement in January 2016 and got back together one month later. Since then, they’ve been quite open about their reconciliation, including revealing their first kiss and announcing they’d begin co-parenting their daughter, Bella. Although many details about their personal lives have changed since their break-up, their journey following their split has remained the same.

From Bad To Worse

It all started badly. Just two months after getting back together, Stewart filed for a restraining order, claiming Robert battered her. She claimed he headbutted her in the face, causing her to lose three teeth. The actress also claimed he assaulted her, scratched her, and broke her lip. The 28-year-old’s petition stated that the actor “physically intimidated, frightened, and frightened me.” The order was granted, and Robert was placed on the restricted list by the L.A. Rams. Additionally, Robert was prohibited from coming within 100 yards of Stewart. He was able to see Bella during her minority, but he wasn’t allowed to have any contact with the younger daughter, Luna, who was born in August 2015.

It’s a sad case, and anyone who follows the personal lives of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart knows how hard it is to get a good relationship off the ground. The couple’s rocky beginning proved to be a sign of things to come. Not even a year and a half into their marriage, Kristen filed for divorce. The couple fought over parenting guidelines, with Kristen wanting sole custody of the children and accusing Robert of being controlling. The actor reportedly wanted to be a part of the parenting process and saw Bella’s life with Stewart as a partnership. He allegedly wanted to be open with her about sexuality and gender identity, while Kristen opposed both these concepts. She claimed Robert would often forbid her to go into certain rooms in the house because they weren’t appropriate for a lady.

It was a messy situation, and it took the intervention of a family friend, Dolly Parton, to settle things down and get the parties back on track. After much deliberation, the court granted the couple shared parental custody and ordered them to attend individual therapy sessions with a parenting expert. In the end, it was determined that neither party was a fit parent to be alone with their children, and the court ordered a child-care worker to accompany each party to therapy sessions.

The Beginning Of A New Phase

In light of their contentious past, it’s no wonder that Robert and Kristen recently announced they were ending their relationship. However, in spite of the odds, this couple decided to work things out and move forward with their lives. It’s clear that they still have strong feelings for one another and decided, despite the odds, to give their relationship another try. They’ve opened up to the press about their new beginning, stating that while they were both unhappy at the time of their split, they are now looking forward to being a family again.

While many details about their romance have remained the same, it appears that this time around Stewart is pursuing a more mature approach to her career. It was reported in August 2016 that she had joined a wellness collective, taking her temperature and blood pressure on a regular basis. She also continues to work hard to shed the image attached to her by the public, appearing in public in small doses. And it seems that Robert has taken the time to grow up as well and put his past mistakes behind him. He’s spent the last year studying acting and working hard to rebuild his career. He also decided to take on new challenges, such as voice acting and hosting TV shows, to show the world who he really is.

It’s been a tough road, but it’s clear that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have learned from their past mistakes and are determined to put their relationship back on the right path. This time around, they’ll be working together to achieve the best possible result. As with any other new relationship, there will undoubtedly be ups and downs, but it’s clear that this time, with the help of professionals, they’re determined to make it work.