I have been a big fan of Rob Pattinson ever since I first saw the actor play the lovable vampire Edward Cullen in the movie series, Twilight almost four years ago. Since then, I have adored everything about this talented young actor; from his brilliant smile to his magnetic voice. Now that On theWater is finally out, it’s time to look back at all the films that never got a chance to debut because of the pandemic. Sadly, we missed out on an amazing cinematic experience with the world premiere of this latest film being pushed back twice because of the spread of COVID-19. But all is not lost as we can still enjoy this phenomenal comeback with the help of technology and our lucky internet connections. Below, I have compiled a list of everything we missed out on and it’s more than worth a rewatch. In fact, I dare you not to fall in love with this much-loved and talented young actor all over again.

The Search For “Twilight Saga” Re-releases

While we were waiting for On theWater to come out, Twilighters were gifted with a number of special editions and re-releases of the films in the franchise. Most notably, Summit Entertainment released an “Extended Edition” of Twilight which came with several new scenes as well as an audio commentary with Stephenie Meyer and the film’s star, Kristen Stewart. This edition also includes new special features like photo galleries and deleted scenes. Lastly, Summit released a director’s cut of Twilight which included the previously cut “Breaking Dawn” part two and three which is more than enough to satisfy fans. However, this edition also includes several new scenes including a previously unseen musical number and the director’s cut of New Moon which is why it’s preferable to watch the theatrical versions instead. In the end, this special edition served as a great collector’s item for anyone who’s been waiting for the opportunity to own all six films and it continues to be such as Stephenie Meyer recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the franchise by announcing that the saga will end with Eclipse. This final chapter is set for release on October 17, 2024 and it will be the last time we see our favorite teenage vampires before they venture into adulthood. Unfortunately, this will also be the last installment of the Twilight Saga due to dwindling fan interest as the world has shifted to focusing on more serious matters like the coronavirus pandemic. Still, we can take solace in the fact that Summit continued the franchise with the 2016 release of Saving Twilight, which is basically Eclipse but set in a modern-day suburbia where the vampires live among us and our daily lives go on as usual. In fact, Summit followed up this underwhelming entry with a second installment, Bloodworth, in 2018 which was basically a direct rip-off of Twilight and failed to live up to its predecessor. This is a major blow to the legacy of the Twilight Saga, which might be why Stephenie Meyer is apparently moving on to other projects. Still, the director’s cut of Twilight is a classic in its own right and it’s sad to see how underwhelming and disappointing the following two films were compared to the original. Even the director’s cut of Twilight itself was a letdown after such a promising start. It’s as if the studio didn’t want to continue the legacy of the legendary franchise and they pulled all the stops in an effort to cash in while they could before the interest in the series waned.

The World Premiere Of “On theWater”

As we’ve established, the last couple of films in the Twilight series disappointed fans, which is why it’s no surprise that Summit decided to pull the plug on the whole thing after Eclipse. Luckily, Rob Pattinson didn’t share the same fate as the rest of the cast and he managed to squeeze in one more film before the series concluded. This time, Pattinson took the director’s reins for a tale set on the French Riviera and it’s his greatest, solo effort to date. Inspired by his own experiences living in the south of France, Pattinson’s directorial debut is an elegiac ode to friendship which explores the joys and tribulations of falling in love and trying to navigate the challenges that come with it. Most importantly, it manages to channel the best elements of the Twilight Saga without being overtly reliant on its source material. While it borrows heavily from the novels which inspired it, especially Eclipse, it never feels like a direct copy. Instead, it weaves together an original narrative that feels both personal and universal at the same time. Most importantly, On theWater marks the return of an acting legend in the making. It also features a stunning performance from an underrated actress in the form of Alicia Vikander, who gives a commanding performance as the film’s chief antagonist, Livia. For someone who’s been relatively silent since Twilight, Alicia Vikander’s performance in On theWater is a breath of fresh air and it’s enough to make even the most ardent Twilight fan sit up and take notice. Naturally, Vikander’s performance makes it easy to understand why On theWater ended up being the final film in the Twilight Saga. Not only does it prove that Pattinson is a worthy successor to Kristen Stewart and the rest of the cast, but it’s also the perfect swan song for Stephenie Meyer’s unparalleled creation. Like Eclipse, the script for On theWater marks a departure from the novels, eschewing their love triangle in favor of focusing on the rich tapestry of characters and their relationships with one another. Naturally, this version of the story ends with the protagonists, Jake and Summer, getting hitched, which would have been the ultimate happy ending for all involved.

Pattinson In A New Role

In a way, On theWater is a coming-of-age story about a group of friends who head off to Europe for a summer vacation and it’s a bittersweet send-off for the Twilight Saga. One of the friends, Summer, is engaged to be married to a charming and thoughtful young man named Jake. Despite all their differences, they develop a deep connection and bond over their shared love for Twilight. Naturally, the vacation turns to tragedy when a freak accident strands them on the shores of a small French village. There, they meet Olivia, the film’s formidable and captivating antagonist. Like a Greek goddesses, Olivia exudes a commanding presence and she makes it clear from the outset that she has a vested interest in the couple. Initially, she wants nothing more than to destroy their burgeoning relationship and it’s up to Jake and Summer to prove to one another that even in the midst of tragedy, they can find solace and be there for one another. Naturally, this is easier said than done, but with the help of a few close friends, they manage to pull through and move on with their lives. Still, it’s worth noting that Stephenie Meyer’s creation wasn’t exactly the wholesome and perfect family film we were led to believe it would be. Instead, it’s a story about the fragility of male friendships which is something that might surprise even the most diehard fans. In this regard, it feels like a more mature and confident film than one would expect from a twenty-something-year-old lead actor. As for Alicia Vikander’s stunning and fearless performance, it’s clear that On theWater is the final word in cinematic excellence and it’s a fitting send-off for one of the greatest movie franchises of all time. Now that we’ve seen the final installment of the Twilight Saga, it would be safe to say that the world is a darker place. It was meant to be a celebration of love, family, and loyalty, but it feels like we’ve also been given a grim reminder of the fragility of human nature. Still, we can take solace in the fact that these are just stories and it’s up to us to let our imaginations run wild.