Most of us would love to be in a relationship like Robert Pattinson’s, wouldn’t we? The 28 year old British actor is one of the most romantic and charming men we’ve ever featured on One Of The Best Cupcakes. And now that he’s single again, we want to know what his dating life is like.

So let’s dive into Robert’s dating life and see what we can uncover. What will his next move be? Who is he seeing now? When can we expect to see him with a new girlfriend (or boyfriend)? Let’s look at the evidence and see exactly what’s going on.

The Evolution Of A Romantic

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Remember that it was just last year that Robert was spotted having drinks with Snow White and the Huntsman actor Chris Hemsworth. At the time, rumors were swirling that the two were dating. Although they’ve been friends for years, they finally decided to take their friendship to the next level.

Fast-forward a year to this past March. Robert and Chris were at it again, this time at a basketball game. The two seemed inseparable and couldn’t stop smiling at each other. Unfortunately, this was all just a publicity stunt as Chris had to go back home to Australia the following day.

Two months later, Robert was seen leaving Chris’ house in a beautiful, but somewhat sad embrace. It seems that the two agreed to call it quits and remain just friends. But these two A-listers certainly know how to keep the media intrigued. Just one day after that heartbreaking split, Robert was hitched to French actress and singer Charlize Theron. They had been dating for nearly a month before their beautiful engagement ceremony in June. And just two weeks after getting hitched, the couple had their first baby boy, Hermes Theo Theron.

So what does this all mean for Robert’s dating life? Well, based on this past year and a half, we can conclude that he’s evolved quite a bit as a romantic. He started off with a very public and awkward split from his best friend and that seemed to break him. After that, he got very serious about finding a meaningful relationship and settled for less available ladies.

But now that he’s happily married and has some daddy time, it looks like he’s ready to play the field and experiment with different women. And based on his track record, we should expect this to be a very exciting ride.

Happily Ever After?

It wouldn’t surprise us if Robert ends up back with his best friend Chris. The two have always been extremely close and it would be strange if they didn’t make up at some point during their separation. But other than that, based on his past behavior, we don’t know what Robert is planning. He’s always been very private about his personal life and it’s not like him to spill the tea on this subject.

And let’s face facts. Chris is quite a catch. The 51 year old is one of the most successful men in Hollywood. Not only did he star alongside Johnny Depp in the hugely successful The Tourist, but he directed the acclaimed drama Snow White And The Huntsman. So it’s no surprise that Robert would want to be with someone who’s been there for him throughout his life. Especially now that he’s getting older and more mature, he wants someone to share his life with.

We know that Robert has a very romantic streak. Even though he’s never been married, he’s maintained a fairly high profile due to his busy lifestyle. So it’s quite likely that he’ll want to find someone to share it with. And if you ask us, there are plenty of beautiful women out there who would be over the moon to date the famous British actor. Just last year, he was seen holding hands with his co-star from The Twilight Saga, Anna Kendrick. So it’s no wonder that he has a popular Snapchat story where he shows off his incredible hand-eye coordination by throwing footballs and catching them with his hands. It has over 22 million views.

And it would be wise for him to spread his love around. After all, it’s not good to live in isolation for so long. Being in a stable relationship would give him a sense of security that he’s never known before. It would help protect him from life’s many challenges and allow him to focus on being the best dad he can be.

So it seems that Robert is looking for love, and we can’t wait to see which direction his dating life takes now that he’s not tied down by a family commitment. There are plenty of beautiful women out there who would love to spend time with the most romantic man in Hollywood. And based on his track record, we know that he will find them. He’s always been very lucky in that department.