It’s no secret that Kristen Stewart has been spending a lot of time with actor Robert Pattinson over the past year, and now that she’s 23, it’s about time that she started looking for a committed relationship. While Stewart is yet to officially confirm that she’s dating Pattinson, she has certainly done a lot to suggest that she’s serious about the relationship. From taking him on romantic dates to cheering for his band, these are some pretty strong indicators that she’s in a committed relationship. So, is it true that Stewart is dating Pattinson? Let’s take a look.

Romantic Dates

If there’s one thing that we have learned about Kristen Stewart over the past year, it’s that she’s pretty independent and has no issues going on a date. While out and about with her friends, she has often been spotted with a male companion. It was initially assumed that this was just a part of her regular social engagements, but in actual fact, the dates were more than likely romantic. After all, Stewart and Pattinson seem to have a lot in common. They both enjoy a good bromance and are often seen holding hands. So, it seems pretty obvious that their romantic outings together are no accident.

The BFF Society

There’s no question that the last few years have been hard for Kristen Stewart. Since announcing their engagement in 2016, Stewart has often been seen with her fiancé Peter Szostak. While Stewart initially kept her relationship with Szostak private, she has recently been spotted socialising with her BFFs as often as once a week. The pictures of Stewart with her BFFs show just how much the 23-year-old has changed over the past year. In the past, Stewart would rarely have been seen without her engagement ring and wedding dress, but now that she’s relaxing and enjoying her single life, she has a whole wardrobe of casual clothes, and it seems that she’s not afraid to express herself through fashion.

Fashion Forward

As previously mentioned, the last few years have not been easy for Stewart. Since announcing their engagement, she has had to battle paparazzi and speculation about the nature of their relationship. Despite this, Stewart has never been ones to shy away from fashion, and over the past year she has continued to express herself through clothing. Pattinson has been a constant presence in Stewart’s life over the past year, so it’s not that she doesn’t have time for other things. It seems that Stewart’s fashion choices are a direct result of her burgeoning relationship with Pattinson.

Hold Hands

We always knew that Stewart and Pattinson had a little thing for each other. The bromance between the two was evident from the beginning, and throughout the year, these two have been seen holding hands. Whether it’s at a Hollywood film premiere or at an indie art show, the two rarely seem to be apart. There seems to be a mutual attraction between the two, and it’s not hard to see why – they’re both attractive, funny, and intelligent, and their partnership seems to work well.

Seems To Be Committed

While Peter Szostak has yet to officially confirm that he is, in fact, Stewart’s fiancé, it is hard to deny the long-term commitment that they have shown in their public outings over the past year. Whether they’re spending a day shopping or going for drinks with friends, it seems that Stewart and Pattinson are making a conscious effort to make their relationship public. This in turn suggests that they are taking this commitment seriously and want to ensure that their relationship is viewed in a positive light. One of the best indicators of a committed relationship is the effort that the two make to ensure that their relationship is portrayed in the press in a positive light. This willingness to take their relationship public is certainly a positive indicator of their commitment to each other.

An Indicator Of Things To Come

As previously mentioned, the last few years have not been easy for Stewart. Now that she’s beginning to emerge from the darkness, it’s clear that she’s determined to make the most of her single life. Whether she’s dating or not, it seems that Stewart is making the most of her time and is prioritising her mental and physical wellbeing. The fact that she’s emerging from her shell and showing off her natural hair and fashion choices is an indication that she’s finally decided to embrace her natural born beauty and be true to herself. These are all positive changes for Stewart, and it seems that she’s found someone who is committed to helping her make the most of her newfound freedom.

It’s been nearly a year since Stewart’s breakup with actor Robert Pattinson, and since then, the 23-year-old has kept a low profile as she tries to move on with her life. While it’s wonderful that Stewart has decided to embrace her natural beauty and hair, it’s still somewhat strange to see her going on dates, holding hands with friends, and looking so happy. As she nears her 24th birthday, it seems that Stewart is finally stepping out of her shell, and it’s evident that she’s embracing her freedom and romantic life. We can only hope that 2017 will bring her more happiness than 2016, and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for the sweetheart.