The most recent edition of Vogue magazine featured a cover story on Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend. Though there have been rumors of a potential romance between the actor and the Snow White actress for quite some time now, this is the first time that the pair has officially confirmed their budding romance.

What are we to make of this story? Is Robert Pattinson a safe choice for Kristen Stewart?

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of this Hollywood couple’s budding romance.


The biggest plus of this romance is that it seems to be genuine and has the potential to last. Sure, these are some pretty famous people and, as we’ve seen with some of the other celebrity romances we’ve discussed on The Psychology of Pleasure, not everything in life has to be logical. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity romance that apparently treats their union as something other than a publicity stunt. For a while, it seemed as if Kristen Stewart was completely enamored with and influenced by the very public persona of Robert Pattinson, and now that he’s taken the step of asking her to marry him she might genuinely mean it.

Of course, it’s always great when famous people are able to express their true feelings and intentions regarding each other, and the romance between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison has the potential to be a refreshing change in this day and age. Though this is Hollywood and stars can reportedly be incredibly manipulative, it’s nice to see a famous person not be afraid to show some real affection for one another. It’s also important to point out that he did not simply ask her to marry him because she’s become a household name as a result of their publicized romance – he’s been dating her for a while and seems to have been genuinely enamored with her for a long time.


On the downside, the romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seems somewhat ill-advised. Though it’s great to see famous people who genuinely care for and want to be with each other, it’s not always the best idea to make your significant other an accessory or a means to an end. After decades of Hollywood taboos and an increasingly public spotlight, it seems as though Robert Pattinson has finally decided to let his guard down and give society what it wants. He’s courted fame since before he was even a teenager and has seemingly accepted that this is the kind of attention he’ll always have to endure.

So, it seems as if Robert Pattinson’s life may finally be complete. Though he still has a long way to go in terms of personal growth and maturity, he seems to have found a way to fit all of his needs and desires into one beautiful, happy, and contented life. Is this really what he really wants for himself? Is this a fair trade for the lifelong sorrows and trauma he’s endured? Is this what he deserves after all the years of struggle and loneliness?

Hopefully, Robert Pattinson will continue to grow and learn from his mistakes. Hopefully, he’ll continue to be the best man that he can be for society and those around him. It’s also important to remember that, as with any other major decision in life, this is a decision that he alone must make and we can’t and should not try to influence him one way or the other. This is a decision that he must make with his heart and gut and we should all support him in making the right choice for himself and those he cares about.

In the end, this is a decision that no one else but Robert Pattinson himself can truly make. Hopefully, he’ll be able to find the happiness and contentment that has so far evaded him. We can only wait and see.