On the final day of the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the dusty crowd thinned and the heat began to settle in. While some attendees stayed for the entire second half of the weekend, many more were searching for ways to leave the blistering heat behind them. It was time for the last dance of the evening. As the sun neared its apex, people began to head in droves towards the main stage where the pop icons were set to perform.

The sun is slowly setting, the last bits of attendees are filing out, and the iconic palm trees are starting to turn in on themselves. It’s time for the artists to wrap up their set and make their way offstage. But before they do, it’s time for one more performance. And it’s time for pop music’s biggest names to perform together once more as part of the finale to one of the most iconic festivals in the world. Let’s take a look back at 2017 and see how it all went down.

A Few Legends From The Past

The first headliner of the night was one of the most iconic pop music artists of all time: Michael Jackson. Everyone knows the stories of Michael Jackson. The pop icon was known to fly around the world multiple times in his personal plane. He was one of the most prolific collaborators in music history. He released over 30 albums and had 11 Number One songs on the Billboard Top 100 at the time of his death. To close out his set, Michael Jackson performed a series of numbers with other high profile pop icons. He opened the show with “Thriller.” Then he brought out Rihanna, who joined him on stage for a rendition of “Don’t Stop Till You Get What You Want.” Later on, he performed “Smile” with Justin Timberlake. During the performance, Michael Jackson took the opportunity to thank the audience for attending his “final” Coachella. As if to emphasize how “final” this would be, he then proceeded to perform his latest single “Spirit.”

The second headliner of the night was Drake. The Canadian rapper made his way onstage wearing a black t-shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers. He was accompanied by his bandmates, including Lil Nas X. During his set, Drake wore a black baseball cap, and he brought the “Old Town Road” blazer with him on stage. After performing a couple of his recent songs, he got into the groove of things and started to perform some of his classic material. He performed “One Dance” with Tinie Tempah and “Miss Me” with Chris Brown. He also brought out some special guests, including Ed Sheeran and the Chainsmokers (who appeared on stage via hologram).

A Whole Different Animals

The next headliner was the Eagles, who are still going strong after more than 60 years. The legendary band members – Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Joe Walsh – started their set with “Just Like Fire,” and they didn’t waste any time getting into it. They played a couple of their newer songs, followed by a series of classics. During their show, the members of the Eagles wore colorful shirt and tie combinations, as well as black, white, and yellow jackets. One of their most memorable songs is “Hotel California,” a perfect song for an evening at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. They closed their set with an extended version of their classic “Take It Easy” and then they walked offstage, having made a lasting impression on the attendees and the iconic palm trees that dotted the valley floor.

Sober Minds & Stoners Together

The final headliner of the night was the legendary Bob Dylan. The singer-songwriter was backed by an 18-piece band, including the legendary Booker T. Jones on guitar. The members of the band wore colorful shirts and ties, but Bob Dylan himself was dressed in a white suit. During his set, he performed a couple of his old songs, followed by a couple newer ones. He brought out different guest artists for each song. During the show, he was accompanied by Leon Russell on keyboard, Kris Kristofferson on guitar, and Bobby Keys on saxophone. (Kristofferson and Keys were both part of Bob Dylan’s touring band at the time.) He also performed “Isis,” “Blowin’ In The Wind,” and the iconic “Like A Rolling Stone.”

Bob Dylan closed his set with a cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together,” before leaving the stage and heading into the sunset. The last notes of “Come Together” could still be heard as the sun set over the desert.

And what a way to end the night. After all that dancing, all that singing, four hours of headlining sets, and six hours of supporting acts, it was time for one more performance. One more dance and one more set of music to take us into the night. It was the perfect way to end the festival and bring a close to a memorable day.