Hitting the beach in a glamorous bikini is one of the most iconic images we have of the actor Robert Pattinson. After all, it was the setting of one of his most memorable performances in the 2005 film, Waterboys. Nowadays, the British star mostly keeps to himself as he spends time with his family (wife Kate, 4 children by Twilight lead actress and now fiancee, Kristen, and her twin sister, Billie) and friends in London. But even though he spends a lot of his time on projects like the Twilight films and the upcoming BelAmi, the 51-year-old actor still has some major moves left in him! Here we take a quick peek behind the scenes of Robert Pattinson’s Coachella performance so you can see what type of routines he is currently up to. Check it out:

The Set

In keeping with his laidback beach manner, Rob has been spotted at various concerts and festivals with his guitar in hand, playing and singing along to his favourite songs. At Coachella, he took the opportunity to perform several of his own compositions, including a beautiful ballad called “Rocking the Summer”, as well as his tribute to the Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations”. The song is from the soundtrack of the upcoming film, Good Vibes, which also stars Anna Kendrick and Timothee Chalamet. During the performance, Rob sported a white dress shirt with a black leather vest over a black bikini while Kate gave him a cool towel to wipe his face after swimming laps during the break. We can only assume that this was a change of costume as the actor was previously seen at Coachella in a black dress and heels.

The Lighting

When we think of elegant and classic lighting, we usually think of big glamorous parties and festivals. However, that is not all Rob does these days. The actor has been spotted several times flashing photos on his Instagram account of him shooting outdoor and indoor scenes with a much smaller group of people, most of whom are wearing sunglasses and headscarves. This is apparently part of a project he is working on and is a far cry from his usual glamorous escapades. These days, the British star mostly works in low-key lighting with subtle patterns and beautiful washes of light to create that classic “tropical vacation” feel. Check out his Instagram for yourself to see what I mean.

The Costumes

Once again, the actor has kept close to his roots with his costume choice, opting for vintage swimsuits and beautiful floral prints that are both elegant and simple, yet still keep up with the vibe of the “tropical retreat” he is trying to portray.

The Movement

It is no secret that the past few years have seen a revival of the “beach lifestyle” and that several stars have been keen to play up their bahia, bali, and beyoncé lifestyles. While many of us may want to join them on their tropical getaways, it seems that Rob is more into embracing his saltwater spirit and spending more time with his guitar, exploring the outdoors, and chilling with his loved ones. So if you want to follow in his footsteps and hit the beach with the British actor, you better start saving up your pennies!