Robert Pattinson. He’s one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, having played the lead in the recent romantic comedies Magic Mike and The Rover. But aside from his acting roles, the Twilight Saga and its numerous sequels have made him an influential figure in the world of fashion, with his quirky sense of style defining his celebrity. So it was only natural that he would be featured on The Daily Show, taking the opportunity to interact with and answer questions from fans of the series.

The results are hilarious. In addition to wearing a mask, Robert Pattinson’s answers are filled with comedy gold. From his fashion choices to his love for horror movies and Game of Thrones, this was easily one of the most entertaining interviews we’ve ever witnessed.

What Is He Wearing?

The first thing that comes to mind when you see Robert Pattinson is his stylishness. The British actor dons a variety of unique and high-quality outfits in both films and on red carpets, and he’s never been afraid to experiment with style. For The Rover, he wore a stunning black tuxedo with a velvet jacket and bow tie. While in Magic Mike, he sported a flower crown and printed Bermudas with a seersucker suit.

In the past, Pattinson has worn an elegant shirt, a tie and printed trousers to the 2012 London Summer Olympics. He’s also donned a sleek shirt and tie with a leather jacket, a floral print shirt, and a slim-fit shirt with a tie, all of which are from the spring/summer 2015 Ralph Lauren collection. In general, if it’s stylish and from a famous brand, he’ll wear it. So fans of the Twilight series know exactly what they’re getting into.

Why Did He Wear a Mask?

The most interesting part of the interview comes at the beginning, when Stewart asks, “Why are you wearing a mask?” To which Pattinson replies, “Well, I’m not actually wearing a mask.” The audience thinks he’s kidding, but he isn’t. He actually wears a mask in real life.

When he appears as Scrooge in a scene from A Christmas Carol, he’s wearing a mask. So why does he remove it in the scene where he’s acting? He explains:

“Well, in this scene, I’m playing Scrooge, and he’s very angry with me. And as I said, I can be quite intimidating when I’m angry, so I wanted to remove the mask…to show his true colors. And that’s a side of me that I don’t show to the public very often. And it’s a side that you’ll see when you see this movie…or when you watch it on TV, actually. Because when you see Scrooge without his mask, you’ll see that he’s a very sweet man and a lot gentler than what you might think from his character.”

It’s a very interesting answer, especially since it comes from an A-list actor. We think it’s fair to say that people will have different opinions about whether or not Robert Pattinson is a gentle man.

Does He Have Any Fashion Inspiration?

Another cool thing about this interview is that it gives us some insight into what drives Robert Pattinson’s fashion choices. For Magic Mike, he mentioned that he was inspired by Burberry Prorsum and designers such as Richard Simmons and Helmut Lang. The latter two are often credited for popularizing the silk slip dress in the 1950s and 1960s (Helmut Lang even designed a dress made entirely out of meat hooks).

“I like to incorporate a lot of different styles, references, and influences into my look. The more eclectic the better, to my mind, and I love being able to surprise people with these combinations. So, when I put this tuxedo outfit together, for example, I think it’s safe to say that it’s never been done before. And I love when people say that about my work. I think it means that I’ve created a look that’s never been seen before.”

In general, his style is difficult to define. He favors bold prints and vivid color palettes and often sports a large number of pieces, all of which seem to work together seamlessly. We’d put his style somewhere between vintage and trendy, and it’s always a joy to watch him walk the red carpet. It’s fair to say that he has a unique, quirky sense of style that leaves an impression on everyone who watches him.