You might know that the Twilight Saga came about because of a bet between Rod Stewart and Stephenie Meyer. Rod had to wear a wig and dress like a female to imitate Bella’s hair and eye movements. He did so for a week and graciously offered to donate the money that he would have won to charity. Though we can’t remember which cause came first, we do know that the winning bet paid for the entire production of Twilight.

But who is Rod Stewart? What does he do in his spare time? How does he spend his day? This is the kind of information that we should all know, but perhaps don’t. This is why we’re writing this article: To educate the public on the daily life of one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and influential singers.

How Does Robert Pattinson Spend His Day?

When it comes to celebrity, there’s no question that we’re much more aware of the little things about them. We’ll often hear about how they spend their time, what hobbies they have, what they like to eat, what drives them, etc. This is something that celebrities have been doing for years to keep their fans interested, but now it seems like we’re doing it too.

For example, recently we’ve been finding out a lot about how Kristin Stewart spends her day. One of her favorite hobbies is baking, which she did after the birth of her son Peregrine. She also enjoys photography and takes a lot of inspiration from fashion and beauty blogs. In the past, she’s modeled for Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and other top designers. These days she spends most of her time helping her husband raise their children, walking her dog, and baking. In an interview with Elle magazine, she said, “I don’t really have a typical day. I usually wake up when the kids wake up, and they take turns waking me up during the day. Then, when they’re in bed, I get a little more sleep. I enjoy my mornings — it’s just me and my coffee. Then, during the day, I try to be near my children as much as possible while still getting some work done. I also try to take them to school in the morning so that I don’t have to worry about them getting bullied. It’s exhausting running around after them, but I love it. I also really like doing things with my husband — cooking, planning events, vacations, etc. I think that being a parent really changed me. It made me realize how much I love my family and how much I want to be with them. So I try to do everything I can to make sure that they feel secure and loved.”

The point is, we should all know how busy celebrities are. We shouldn’t expect them to socialize, entertain, or fulfill all of their creative potential just because they’re famous. After all, they have plenty on their to-do list already.

Similarly, we should know how important taking breaks is to Robert Pattinson. While we might be aware that he spends a lot of time on his Twitter, where he’ll often write about the need to take breaks from social media and focus on his art, we shouldn’t forget about this aspect of his life. He takes a lot of inspiration from Beethoven, who he said was the “epitome of humanity,” and strives to be just like him.

A Musical Maniac

We’ve been talking a lot about how important it is to take a step back from our social media and avoid going on Twitter when we should be taking a vacation or sleeping. But what about when we SHOULD be on Twitter? What if we need to promote our favorite song, or rant about Donald Trump? Shouldn’t we be responding to everyone who asks us a question about our new album, even if it’s a detractor?

To help clear this up, let’s take a trip back in time to when @Twilight was still called @SteamyMeyer and take a look at what one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and influential singers used to do before Instagram and Twitter existed.

While it might seem like we’ve always known that Robert Pattinson is a musical maniac, he’s actually been keeping this side of himself relatively under-the-radar. Until now. Just last month he dropped his first solo album in seven years, titled Cry, and dedicated to one of his biggest inspirations, Ludwig van Beethoven. This isn’t some random coincidence; the album marks an important step in a new phase of Robert’s career that will see him sharing his musical influences and passions with the world.

On a personal level, I think that Robert feels a natural affinity for music. His father, David, was a professional jazz guitarist who played in bands around London during the 1960s. His mother is Jane, an avid folk singer who grew up in rural England and was inspired by Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. It wasn’t until he was 17 that he began to feel the need to hide his passion for music from the world. This is odd considering that David and Jane’s neighbors sang and played an important role in shaping the young Robert’s musical tastes. They would often hold jam sessions in the afternoons, which would inspire young Robert to pick up the guitar and sing along. Even now, when musicians reach out to him, he rarely turns them down.

The Man Behind The Wig

As previously stated, one of the most interesting aspects about the Twilight Saga is that it was partly inspired by a bet between Rod Stewart and Stephenie Meyer. The singer was forced to wear a wig and dress like a female to impersonate Bella’s hair and eye movements. Though we might not remember which cause came first, we do know that the winning bet paid for the entire production of Twilight.

In some ways, Stephenie Meyer was the opposite of the typical Hollywood star. She was unassuming and down-to-earth — not at all like the famous movie stars that her work is often compared to. This is because, unlike most stars, she didn’t let her public persona influence who she was as a person. In the same way, Rod Stewart didn’t want to be just like everyone else, he wanted to find his own voice and become the best that he could be. So in his quest to do this, he betrothed himself to a young woman named Kim Gordon and spent a week pretending to be her in order to better understand what it was like to be a woman.

To this day, Stephenie Meyer still refuses to appear in public with Rod Stewart. Though the two worked together on the set of Twilight, their professional relationship never truly recovered from this one-of-a-kind experience. In 2018 Stephenie Meyer wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, explaining that she still has “zero” contact with Rod Stewart and doesn’t even know what he does for a living.

Never Say Never

One of Rod Stewart’s biggest influences is Ludwig van Beethoven, whom he named one of his favorite composers. For years he had an important piece of music engraved on his cell phone case: “Never say never,” which was the late Ludwig’s last recorded word. In his journal, Beethoven wrote about his gratitude to those who had supported him and credited them for allowing him to complete his mission: “The greatest joy of my life is that my deafness has brought me closer to people.”

Whether you agree with Rod’s choice of wig or not, this much is for sure: Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the most influential composers of all time. His music has influenced many famous creators, including Stephenie Meyer. For years, he didn’t want to be “just” a composer and instead wanted to find a way to share his work with the world. In the late 1780s, he began writing poems and short stories in German and English, which he then set to music. Many of these pieces were published in newspapers and literary magazines at the time. Though most of them were overlooked or forgotten, Beethoven’s work ended up having a lasting impact on people. Even now, his work continues to inspire musicians, writers, and filmmakers. It’s pretty safe to say that if Ludwig van Beethoven could talk, he’d have something to say about Twitter.

And that, my friends, is a wrap. From the man who inspired the world to see things from a different perspective to the man hidden behind the legend, we’ve learned a lot about Robert Pattinson. He is a Renaissance man, a musical genius, and an all-around creative spirit. What will he choose to do next? Only time will tell. But for now, let’s ride with the King.