Actors can get really cute in the movies. Here’s a list of some of the cutest celebrity portrayals of animal characteristics.


What is Christmas without a duck wrapped in swaddling clothes and a shiny silver spoon in its beak? While most of us are used to seeing ducks in picturesque ponds or on movie screens, the adorable actors Sam Waterston and Margot Kidder put a smile on our faces as they demonstrated what makes ducklings so special.

They were joined by other famous faces, including Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, and a pre-red-carpet Robert Pattinson, who played the part of the duckling fluidly.

Eco-Friendly Panda Cub

In 2020, nature will provide the silver screen with an adorable panda cub as the main course. The latest installment of the eco-friendly franchise, Into the Wild, centers around a panda that was raised by humans and grows to be a domesticated animal.

While pandas are well known for their cute little round eyes, it is the little things that give them away. For example, their chest puffs out and their ears are flat until they are 1 year old!

Even the most skilled actors couldn’t help but break character every so often to give the audience a peek at their true nature. After all, it’s hard to play a furry creature that doesn’t smile or coo!

Meek Little Lamb

Another year, another yearning lamb on the silver screen! However, this year’s lamb will be the cutest ever. The upcoming Little Lamb, starring Rose Fleishman and Jack Gill, centers around a meek, little lamb who yearns for acceptance by his peers.

The lamb’s quiet nature and gentle spirit are enough to make him a standout among his flock even if his adorable looks don’t! This year’s lamb will be on the skinny side, and we can’t wait to see his gentle personality shine through.

These are just a few examples of actors who mastered the art of portraying animals on film. What are your favorite animal-themed performances by famous stars?