The lastest picture to be released from the upcoming Twilight movie has caused quite a stir. The film’s main protagonist, Robert Pattinson, is seen wearing only a T-shirt and underwear as he sits on a bed with his arm around a ravishing Russian woman. The actor is most famous for his role as the eponymous vampire in the 2012 movie, The Vampire Diaries, but he has made a name for himself in other films, too. In fact, he had a part in one of last year’s biggest box office hits, London Has Fallen, and he is set to reprise that role in a sequel. However, the new picture may see his biggest audience yet. Why?

It’s More Accessible

For those who are fortunate enough to be familiar with Twilight, the franchise is mostly known for its incredibly popular books. Written by Stephenie Meyer, the first of the saga’s four novels was published in 2007 and reached No. 1 on both the New York Times bestseller list and the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Since then, it has achieved similar acclaim, becoming one of the best-selling book series worldwide. It is currently available in more than 100 countries and 30 million copies have been sold in the US alone. The latest film adaptation, Twilight: The Movie, was one of Netflix’s biggest productions yet, attracting over 150 million global viewers across all platforms.

While Twilight is undoubtedly a phenomenon – and not just because of the books – it is clear that the series will not be for everyone. The books’ intensely romantic and sexually-charged stories may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But with Twilight now being made into a movie, it is certain that there will be many more people who become aware of the series. And that, in turn, will inevitably lead to more people buying the books and, ultimately, generating more revenue for Meyer and her publishers.

Whether they like it or not, Twilight is here to stay. Which is why it is so important that the franchise does not become embroiled in unfortunate events. To ensure this, Meyer and her team – led by executive producer and director David Slade – must guard against overexposure. Doing so will not be an easy task, as the global media has already begun to report on and speculate about the couple’s escapades in full.

It’s More Sensual

Although the new movie will no doubt thrill Twilight fans, it is important to remember that this is still very much a work of fiction. As with any good book or movie, there is a great deal of emphasis on the sensual aspect. A central tenet to Meyer’s writing is that vampires are not about bloodthirst but, rather, all about attraction. And it really is something to behold. While the couple are mostly seen embracing in their bed – with Edward revealing a chiseled physique in a tight T-shirt – other pictures show off their ample and well-used charms. The trailer in particular teases us with plenty of sultry scenes, including Pattinson and his co-star, Kristen Stewart, passionately making out.

As the books’ most devoted fans may know, not all vampires are created equal. Indeed, the series explores the various aspects of vampirism – from the glamour to the decadence – through the eyes of its primary protagonist. It is clear, then, that the couple in the new film are going to be showing off their sex appeal in all its glory. And, for many, that may indeed be enough. But, for others, it may be more.

It’s More Artistic

Artistic sensibilities may also be brought to the fore in the new film. Not only is Twilight a movie adaptation of a popular book series, it is also the highly anticipated sequel to Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which was one of the most highly-acclaimed science fiction movies of all time. Directed by Andrea Trier, the original Twilight was an artistic triumph, earning a staggering array of prestigious awards, including the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as being named one of the Ten Best Movies of the Decade by Empire Magazine. 

Twilight is already a phenomenon and a brand, but the series is at its heart an artistic one. Indeed, much of the tension in the books originates between the characters’ different creative approaches. Literary giant George R. R. Martin, who wrote all seven of the A Song of Ice and Fire books that serve as the basis for HBO’s epic Game of Thrones, has cited the series as an influence, describing it as “a real page turner.”

With Trier returning to direct, it is not difficult to imagine that she will bring her unique vision to the material. The director previously made 2009’s Catch Me If You Can, in which Johnny Depp played Houdini, and 2011’s Triumph Of Love, about a marriage proposal caught on film. Moreover, she recently adapted L. A. Wade’s The Lost City Of Z for Netflix. So, if you’re looking for a cinematic masterpiece, you’re in the right place.

Meyer has said that the new film will be “more emotional” than its predecessor and will draw more on the audience’s “emotional connection” to the characters. While this may be true, it is also important to remember that vampires are more than just a pretty face. The original Twilight, widely acclaimed for its complex characters and mature storytelling, explored similar ideas. It is not hard to see, then, where the inspiration for Twilight may have come from.

It’s More Entertaining

Ultimately, what is most important to Meyer and her publishers is that Twilight stays alive. Not only does it need to be preserved for future generations but, more importantly, it needs to be profitable. Just like any other book or movie series that continues to grow in popularity, the more money that can be made, the better for all concerned. But, as we have established, this is a completely fictional series and there is nothing “real” about it. Nonetheless, it would be a shame for all of this to be ruined by a story of celebrity indiscretion. And that, hopefully, is something that Meyer and the producers can prevent.

One of the primary reasons why the new series is so exciting is that it potentially exposes a whole new audience to the novels and films of Stephenie Meyer. While it would be great to see more people discover the magic of her books and, subsequently, the vampire lifestyle, it is also important to keep in mind that this is still very much a niche interest. And it is one that will not be for the faint-hearted.