On September 1, 2014, Robert Pattinson had a rude awakening. That was the day a photo of the actor in a wedding dress, cradling a puppy in his arms, went viral.

While the actor’s publicists initially dismissed the wedding photo as a joke—an April Fool’s Day prank to promote his new film, “Cosmo”—a closer look revealed that the photos were, in fact, real. And that was that. After 19 years in the public eye, the “Twilight” star was gone.

It started with a simple picture of an adorable dog wrapped in a blanket. But the internet didn’t stop there. Rumors spread that the paparazzi had caught Robert Pattinson in a rare emotional moment with his dog, Cosmo. The rumormongers were right. The truth was far from simple. There were a lot more to the story.

The Kid Behind the Curtain

If you’ve been following the news over the last few months, you may know that Robert Pattinson has mostly kept a low profile. He hasn’t attended any public events, and he hasn’t spoken to the press in years. But even his fans didn’t expect to see the star in a wedding dress.

It wasn’t that Robert Pattinson wanted to stay away from the spotlight. In fact, he had a very specific reason for choosing to remain low-profile: his daughter, Rose. Twenty-one years ago, the “Twilight” star adopted a shy and playful young girl named Rose. Since then, Robert Pattinson has become her legal guardian and her biggest champion. He’s attended every step of her life, from grade school to college. And as she grew up, so did his celebrity. Rose was featured on the cover of Vogue, and she’s graced the pages of countless celebrity magazines. This past June, she made her debut on the red carpet with her dad. She was 18.

The Making of a “Twilight” Star

As Rose grew older, it became clear that she would, one day, follow in her dad’s footsteps and become an actress. In fact, she started taking acting classes as soon as she graduated from high school. She wanted to be “the next Elizabeth Taylor,” her dad told Vogue in 2012.

While he was initially worried about his 17-year-old daughter being too dependent on her drug-addicted mother, who ultimately died of an overdose in 2010, he grew to love being a father. He especially loved being a father to Rose. It was then that he realized how much he had to protect her from the celebrity world.

Celebrity Orphanage

To keep his daughter safe from the paparazzi, Robert Pattinson bought a home in England. He gave it the French Revolution-inspired nickname, La Bastille, and turned it into a children’s hospice and a safe haven for troubled teens, who he called his “celebrity orphans,” as he wrote in his bestselling 2013 book, “Belated Fragrance.” The children would come from all over the world, including neighboring France. They would live in a “celebrity ghetto,” as one of them called it, and they would study drama, writing, and photography. They became fond of the French Revolution and renamed themselves in honor of it. Now, nearly a decade later, the celebrity orphanage still functions quietly as a private school for teenagers.

Celebrity Rehab

It wasn’t just paparazzi that Robert Pattinson wanted to keep away from his daughter’s life. He also didn’t want her to become dependent on drugs or alcohol. So, in 2012, he enrolled Rose in a three-month-long drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. He wanted to give her a fresh start and help her to grow up healthy and strong. The idea was that after she completed the program, she would be able to live independently and with more freedom. It was a tough program, filled with difficult tasks. But Rose persevered, and after she completed it, Robert Pattinson was relieved to finally see his daughter living a normalized life.

A Normal Life

With the help of her dad and the staff at the rehab facility, Rose has managed to maintain a relatively normal life. She rarely speaks about her experiences there, but she has said that it has helped her to grow up and become less of a victim. Now, at age 22, she is determined to continue her education and break the cycle of poverty that has plagued her family for so long. She is studying English literature and psychology at university, and she continues to work with her dad as an assistant director on his films. But as her role as an actress grows, so too does her independence. In the coming months, she will begin to appear in smaller roles, waiting to see if she will be cast in larger roles later on. She is, however, determined to make her mark in the industry. She wants to show the world that she is not her father’s daughter, but an independent young woman who is proud to have her own voice.

A Wedding and a Proposal

On June 26, 2014, just over a year after she completed her rehab program, Rose married Scott Disick. He also works in the film industry and has produced several of Robert Pattinson’s films. The wedding was low-key and lasted only a few hours. The newlyweds left for their honeymoon the next day. While he may not have been present for his daughter’s wedding, Robert Pattinson couldn’t hide his excitement about his grandchild’s big day. On her wedding day, Rose wore a beautiful white gown and wowed guests with her radiant smile. The next day, as her new husband drove off in a limousine, Robert Pattinson and his daughter waved goodbye. It was a tear-jerking scene that brought a smile to many viewers’ faces. The “Twilight” star’s smile became even more radiant when, shortly thereafter, he announced that he had proposed to his partner of 15 years, Sophie Burks. The couple wed on December 26, 2014, and their first child, a son, was born a few months later. The wedding was, in a way, a coming-out party for Rose, a celebration of her independence as an adult and a strong woman who is proud to have both her parents by her side.

A New “Twilight” Movie

After the wedding and the birth of their son, Robert Pattinson announced that he was working on a new “Twilight” movie. The movie will be the culmination of everything he’s wanted to express about Rose over the years. It will show the world just how much he appreciates and loves his daughter. He’s been working very hard to make this dream come true.

The idea for a new “Twilight” movie came to Robert Pattinson about five years ago. Inspired by his experience with his daughter, he wanted to explore the “Twilight” universe from a father’s point of view. He was, however, unable to get the movie made for a while, as he writes in his book, “Belated Fragrance.” Finally, in 2014, the “Twilight” star was able to put his vision into motion and began working on a script. With the help of his writing partner, John Hodge, he wrote a treatment for the film. In it, he explores the difficult relationship that he has with his daughter. In the course of the writing process, he discovered that it was extremely cathartic to put into words his feelings about Rose. It also helped him to come to terms with her struggles and the troubled teens that she’s worked with in the past. The movie is still in the very early stages of production, so there is no timeline for the release. But Robert Pattinson is, as usual, keeping his fans and followers informed about the progress of the film. With the help of social media, he’s been able to keep a connection with the fans while also having a private life. He hasn’t always been successful, but he has tried his best to be present and available to his family and friends while also maintaining his privacy.