It’s been a wild ride for Robert Pattinson. The actor, director, and producer was born in London, but grew up in Scotland. After studying English literature at Oxford, he began acting in theatre productions and films, with minor roles in Game Night and The Rover starring Tom Hanks and Christian Bale. In 2012, he received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Edward VIII in the film The King. The following year, he directed and starred in the film Bad Santa, which became the highest-grossing Australian film ever. In November 2014, Pope Francis knighted Pattinson during his visit to the United Kingdom. Despite all this, the charismatic actor still hasn’t shaken the British Isles; he currently enjoys a 6.2 rating on IMDbPro, which is higher than many of his established Hollywood peers.

The actor hasn’t shied away from controversy while still maintaining a steady stream of high-profile projects. In 2010, he was criticized for being too sexy while filming Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. The same year, he sparked headlines for allegedly punching a man in the face during a photo-call for an exhibition in Paris. Since then, he’s rarely been photographed in public without a glamorous companion by his side.

Despite his hectic schedule, the self-professed romantic has found time to date a number of celebrities, many of whom he’s photographed with on-screen. While he hasn’t published the details of his romantic life, he has referred to his numerous celebrity girlfriends as ‘sister wives.’

The most recent addition to his friends list is none other than American socialite-turned-filmmaker Megan Ellison. The daughter of Hock E. Talbot, the co-founder of Oracle, and author Mary Anne McCauley, Ellison met Pattinson at a Los Angeles party in December 2016. Since then, the aspiring filmmaker has appeared in a number of his films, including the upcoming Dark Shadows.

Ellison As A Friend

While it’s been in the pipeline for a while, it appears that Dark Shadows was largely made as a favor to Ellison. The filmmaker and producer approached Twilight star Pattinson in 2015 with a view to collaborating on a film. Despite his busy schedule, Pattinson reportedly jumped at the chance to work with Ellison and her frequent collaborator Ben Ellison, having recently signed on as a producer for the upcoming Disney+ series Club Penguin.

The pair are also set to executive produce the upcoming series Rebel Inc., an anthology series set in the world of Americana outlaws. The series will explore ‘the American tale of triumph over tyranny,’ according to the press release, with a focus on the ‘noble cause’ of the ‘common man’.

“Rebel Inc. explores the American tale of triumph over tyranny. As in the great American Novels, the stories are varied, ranging from the heroic to the tragic, and the struggles are often equal to the high ideals that define the country,” said the show’s co-creator and executive producer Warren Ellis in the statement. “Pattinson and I are looking forward to bringing these characters to life and using them to explore some of the darker aspects of the American experience.”

A House In Los Angeles

At the moment, Pattinson appears to be taking a bit of a break from the limelight. Last July, news surfaced that the actor was in the midst of purchasing a $14.5 million property in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park district, which will serve as his ‘boudoir’ and is understood to be equipped with a fully stocked bar, walk-in closet, and bathroom with waterfall shower.

Pattinson has yet to officially comment on the purchase, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. However, the actor was keen to purchase a property in the LA area, which he regards as the ‘most beautiful city’ in the world. The purchase represents the culmination of several years of searching for just the right place. In 2013, the actor was seen visiting numerous locations in LA, including Bel Air and Beverly Hills, before zeroing in on the desirable Hancock Park.

What Will He Do Next?

Although Pattinson has seemingly settled into a comfortable existence in Hollywood, he continues to find time for other interests. In April 2017, he joined forces with WaterAid to promote safe drinking water for all. The actor co-starred alongside Nicole Kidman and Elle MacLeman in the charity’s campaign video, which encourages viewers to drink more water to ensure a healthy future for all.

In the meantime, the search continues for his next project. The actor is currently tied up with Skydance Media in the development of an untitled sci-fi thriller, while he’s also set to star in The King’s Speech 2, which will be released in 2019.

Whether or not he finds time to settle down with one of his many celebrity girlfriends, we’ll just have to wait and see.