Inevitably, every new ‘Twilight’ movie brings with it new controversy. This time, the discussion surrounds the central villain, Robert Pattinson, and his interpretation of the part.

The actor publicly critiqued the film’s script, which he calls sub-par and disappointing. He also discussed how he prepared for the role, which some fans found offensive. While they may have a point, perhaps this is a prime example of someone doing their job to the best of their ability.

The outcry was loud enough that even Summit, the studio behind the Twilight franchise, released a statement defending Pattinson. While they expressed regret over Twitter for the actor’s hurt feelings, they still stand by the film.

Is Robert Pattinson the real villain of Twilight? Let’s take a closer look.

The Real Villain: Breaking Down Robert Pattinson’s Actions

To determine whether or not Pattinson is the real villain of Twilight, it’s important to examine his actions. As the villain of the piece, it is the actor’s job to make the story as dark and dramatic as possible; this should come as no surprise, as he is a professional actor after all.

His overall goal should be to ensure that the story turns out exactly the way he intends it to. In this particular case, he should want to see the Volturi destroy Alice and Jasper’s relationship, because he does not like the Cullens. However, this should not come as a complete surprise, as we already know where his loyalties lie – with the Volturi, and the Vampire Diaries in general.

In the film, Pattinson plays the role of Nick, a member of the Volturi – a race of vampires who rule over all others. He spends the majority of the movie trying to convince the other vampires that the Cullens are not a threat, and should not be destroyed. The problem is that, at least from a cinematic standpoint, he fails miserably. It would seem that Pattinson does not understand the rules of dramatic tension, otherwise he would have succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

It is interesting to note that, in the Twilight Saga, it is the Volturi, and not the Cullen vampires, who are the villains. This could mean two things: first, it is the Cullens’ actions that have precipitated the need for the Volturi to step in and protect their kind. More importantly, though, it could mean that, far from being a villain, Robert Pattinson is actually the hero of the story. In order to save the planet, and all of its inhabitants, from the Volturi’s grasp, he will have to break some rules, and play a dangerous game.

The Real Villain: Breaking Down Robert Pattinson’s Interactions

While it is important to analyze the villain’s actions, it is also vital to examine his interactions with other characters. Specifically, we need to see if he is interacting with the characters in an honest and open manner, or whether or not he is lying through his teeth. This is especially important when dealing with vampires, as they are known for their deceitful ways. For instance, although he may have convinced the other vampires that he is not a threat, it is likely that he is, in fact, quite dangerous.

After all, we know that he was responsible for the death of Victoria’s love, Laurent. In the story, Victoria is the leader of the Volturi, and she is obsessed with the idea of ruling over all vampires. It is quite possible that, in pursuit of this goal, she may have ordered Laurent’s death. It is safe to assume that, if anyone knows the rules of vampires, it is Robert Pattinson. So, although he might convince the other vampires that he is not a problem, in reality he could be quite dangerous.

We need to see more of his interactions with the other characters in the story, especially Jasper and Alice, but also Victoria and Cora. It would be quite easy for an actor to lie, just to further the story; however, if his line of dialogue is contradicted by another character, it could mean that he is hiding something. Perhaps he is keeping secrets from the other vampires, or maybe he does not want them to know that he was, in fact, responsible for Laurent’s death. We will have to see.

The Villain Is Villain: Final Analysis

Ultimately, it is the overall goal of the story that determines whether or not someone is a villain. In regards to the Twilight Saga, it is quite clear that the Cullens are the heroes of the piece. They stand for humanism, and the protection of all animals. This is quite evident in the first movie, where the Cullens’ goal is to save a human child from certain death, even at the cost of their own lives. In Breaking Dawn – Part II, Edward and Bella end the story on a happy note, as they are finally able to experience a normal, human life. So, although he might try to convince the other characters that he is not a threat, Robert Pattinson will have to admit – at least to himself – that he is quite a dangerous character. At least, from a cinematic standpoint.

This is not to say that he is a bad person, or that the story is setting him up to be the hero. He is, in fact, a very talented actor, and it is quite surprising that he chose to play the role of villain in Twilight. Perhaps after so many years as a professional actor, he just could not resist the temptation of playing a bad guy for a change. As he says in the film: “I want to be the bad guy.” Well, at least for the time being, you are, but in a good way.

To conclude, it is quite evident that the entire Twilight saga could be re-written with the Cullens in a central role. It is quite possible that, somewhere down the line, they will turn on each other, and end up challenging the Volturi for rule of the vampire world. For now, though, they are the good guys, and they fight for all animals and the human race, not just vampires. This should come as no surprise, as they are the good guys.