There are so many cringe-worthy moments in the life of a celebrity. For some, it’s a famous fashion moment such as when a celebrity dresses in a way that makes us all cringe or speaks in a way that makes us laugh out loud. For others, it’s a revealing scene from a movie that we’ll never forget.

Nowadays, celebrities have to be particularly mindful of their public images. Since the vast majority of incidents happen off-screen, celebrities can’t always rely on their good looks or charm to save them. They have to be careful about what they wear and say, especially if they want to keep their privacy.

Whether it’s a tasteless joke, an inappropriate gesture, or just a cringeworthy moment in general, here are some of the worst celebrity cringeworthies that you should know about.

Robert Pattinson

Actor Robert Pattinson now ranks among the most followed and subscribed-to-lists on TikTok, and it’s not hard to understand why. In 2018, the ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ star was in the news constantly for all the wrong reasons. First, there was the paparazzi invasion at the beginning of the year. Then, there were accusations of sexual assault against him. Finally, the British tabloid the ‘Daily Mail’ printed a story alleging that he had snorted a drug-laced cookie before filming a scene for ‘Water for Elephants’.

The backlash against this beloved celebrity was immediate. Fellow celebrities came forward to defend him, and his social media followers were enraged that the whole world was going to hell for this one guy’s mistakes. Let’s examine some of the ways that this famous man has offended us all.

Paparazzi-Invaded Garden Party

In 2018, actor Robert Pattinson held a garden party at his home in London, England. Unfortunately, the famous man did not do enough to protect his privacy. Soon after the party wrapped, the entire guest list was swarmed by photographers from various news organizations, including the Associated Press. The photos of the event that were later published by the media put a spotlight on the 43-year-old actor.

If the first two years of the century were dominated by Brexit, the next two years will most likely be defined by all the wrongdoings of celebrity. First came the #MeToo movement, which swept through the entertainment industry, affecting everyone from high-profile figures like Harvey Weinstein to everyday people wondering if their experience will be featured on social media. Then came the fear of retribution, especially for celebrities and those in the spotlight. In a time where nobody is safe, celebrities are especially at risk of being targeted.

Beauty And The Beast

In March of this year, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ premiered in theaters across the country. The live action retelling of the animated film of the same name was a critical and commercial success, earning over $100 million at the box office. Among the film’s most memorable moments are the scenes where the ‘beast’ (aka. Dan Stevens) dances with Leila Merriam (Natasha Richardson).

While dancing is often billed as “one of the highlights of the movie,” it’s not hard to see why. Not only is it an incredibly fun moment to watch two attractive people dance together, but it’s also one of the few times where the on-screen ‘beast’ behaves in a completely natural, un-stereotyped manner. Unfortunately, the scene was spoiled by the presence of a member of the media, who recorded the now-iconic dance and uploaded it to social media. That one mistake haunted the film’s premiere and was soon after, meme’d ad nauseum on TikTok and beyond.


In September of last year, British designer Gareth Pugh was in the news after he came up with a daring new look for Rihanna. Inspired by the singer’s saucy dance moves, the designer created a collection of lingerie and underwear that accentuated Rihanna’s body in a way that’s unprecedented in the industry. The attention that the fashion designer drew upon himself was, perhaps, inevitable. Less than a month later, Pugh was interviewed by the press and expressed his disappointment that people were still talking about his association with Rihanna. It seems the designer misread the popularity of his association with the music superstar. While he may not have expected the media attention, his intention was to create something new and exciting for Rihanna. Unfortunately, that may have backfired.

Rihanna is, by far, Pugh’s biggest client. The pair worked together on a line of lingerie and swimsuits, with Pugh designing bras, panties, and slips as well as the ‘Bateau Top’ and ‘Venice Swimsuit,’ named after the singer’s biggest songs. (Rihanna) Although the fashion designer’s attempts to court publicity were, perhaps, a publicity stunt orchestrated by him to drum up business, the backlash against him was truly extreme. The internet called for boycotts of Pugh-designed items, and the luxury brand Miu Miu removed all of Pugh’s clothing from her fall/winter 2018 collection, titled ‘Miu Miu Is Back.’ (WWD) In the months since, Pugh’s been in and out of the limelight, but the internet never forgets. His most recent project with Rihanna, the ‘Polaroid Collection,’ only drew more mockery and ridicule. (Pugh) It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Pugh’s foray into fashion was a complete disaster. While it’s undeniable that he helped introduce a whole new style and attitude to lingerie and swimwear, he also made headlines for all the wrong reasons. (NYDN)


This one might seem obvious, but it bears repeating: never tell a joke in a situation where you don’t want to laugh. In other words, never tell a joke when you’re trying to have a serious conversation. As much as we might love a goofy Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino, telling inappropriate jokes in the workplace is a fast track to unemployment. If you want to make people uncomfortable, tell jokes about religious people, sexual assault, racism, or any other sensitive subject.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Moonwalk’

In 1995, singer Michael Jackson released ‘Moonwalk,’ his epic follow-up to ‘Off the Wall.’ The album was, in many ways, a continuation of sorts of ‘Off the Wall,’ with Jackson exploring and experimenting with new sounds. One of the experiments took the form of a skit, where Jackson and several members of the media try on ski outfits and ski gear in an effort to decide which ones fit best. (Jackson) The scene is comical, but not really that funny. That is, until you watch it and realize just how incredibly inappropriate it is. The then-55-year-old Jackson tried on a variety of ski outfits and equipment, including ski goggles, a ski jacket, ski trousers, and even a ski hat. He even twirled around in front of a mirror while trying on the gear. (Michael Jackson) During the skit, Jackson’s voice cracks and wobbles, which is somewhat comical, but it’s not the only thing that’s uncomfortable about it. We’re also supposed to believe that he’s in his 50s and still growing facial hair. While hair transplants are, obviously, a thing, the amount of hair that Jackson has had to have transplanted to appear on-screen is just ridiculous. When he’s not on-screen, we don’t have to imagine that he’s spent the last two decades growing a full, bushy mustache. It’s exactly what he would have looked like. (Vanity Fair)