The anticipation is more than tangible, the curiosity almost overwhelming. Everyone wants to know what will happen next in the Rob Pattinson saga. The 27-year-old actor/singer/pattinson recently split from long-time girlfriend, Chinese actress and singer Luo Jiwei after four years of dating. They became engaged in 2011 and were married in 2014 in a lavish ceremony in Venice, Italy. Since their split, speculation about Rob’s next move has been rife. Will he and his family, which includes two children, embark on a long-awaited solo-stylistic adventure? Or will he remain with Scarlet Johansson, his daughter from his first marriage, and continue to pursue acting and music?

A Quiet Reunion

The speculation is well-founded. In August 2019, Rob returned to the UK and was seen taking his daughter to school in London. It was a very public sign that the family had moved on and was trying to begin a new chapter. In an effort to quell the speculation, Rob has kept a relatively low-profile. He has kept a close eye on his social media feeds, where he has been active over the past year. He has only posted regularly a handful of times, most notably on his Instagram account. In one of his most recent posts, he reassured his 87 million followers that he was happy and had not suffered a professional or personal loss. With this in mind, we examine five reasons why Rob’s best days are yet to come.

1. He Is An Immensely Talented Actor

Since his early years, Rob has demonstrated an extraordinary talent for acting. He was discovered at the age of seven and began starring in TV adverts at the age of ten. He then went on to receive critical acclaim for his starring role as Cedric in the 2005 film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since then, he has consistently delivered powerful and nuanced performances in films such as Twilight, Where the Wild Things Are, and Dirty Grandpa.

If previous roles have been noteworthy, it is because of the actor’s performance. Rob has always gone that extra mile and shined on the big screen. The talent is unquestionable and he continues to develop as an actor each time he takes on a new role. He is a force to be reckoned with and his ability to switch from comedy to drama with ease is impressive.

If there is a scene in a movie that you feel is particularly impressive, it is likely that Rob was in some way involved. He may have acted in the film, he may have written the script, or he may just have sung/recorded the songs. Whatever the case, it is clear that he puts his all into everything that he does. The proof is in his consistently brilliant performances.

2. He Is A Dynamic, Versatile Actor Who Can Play Any Role

The actor is known for his versatility and this has always been the case. However, it has been particularly evident in the past year. Since the beginning of 2019, Rob has been working hard to develop his portfolio. He has had a number of high profile roles including Louis Vuitton’s #SelfieCampaign, a ski instructor in the upcoming Disney Plus series, The Art of Storytelling, and a troubled magician in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In all of these roles, he has displayed an incredible ability to transform himself on the screen.

His performance as Louis Vuitton’s #SelfieCampaign campaign protagonist Louis was highly influential. The designer’s main aim was to inspire people to capture the essence of the person they love and to use this as inspiration for their next look. For the role, Rob underwent a drastic transformation and became almost unrecognisable. He lost over twenty pounds to embody Louis’ slimmer, taller and “more elegant” look. The role undoubtedly enhanced Rob’s status as an actor, not to mention that it won him an award for best actor at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Louis’ campaign is the culmination of several years of hard work by the actor; he has been working solidly to develop his career since he was sixteen years old.

It seems that working hard is a theme that runs through Rob’s career. It started with his role in Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, where he had to work night and day to make sure that his role as a security guard was as good as possible. From there, he went on to star in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, where he once again had to work exceptionally hard to nail his role as the White Knight. Since then, he has always put in the requisite amount of work and never accepts film roles unless he feels that he is completely prepared for them. This has made him an incredibly successful actor and an in-demand presence at film festivals around the world.

Not only is he a successful actor, but he is also a skilled musician and songwriter. He has co-written songs for a range of films, including the upcoming Woody Allen comedy, A Rainy Day in New York. He has also collaborated with a number of high profile artists in the past, including Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

In short, if you had to sum up Rob’s career so far, you couldn’t do better than this: versatile, talented, and successful. If you’re looking for an actor who can play any role, then look no further. He is your man. He really is. He’s been waiting for this moment for a long time and it looks like it’s finally here.

3. He Is A Master Of Dramatography

If you are unfamiliar, dramatography is the art of filming scripts with a cinematic camera. It was developed in the twentieth century in order to present scenes as they are written in narrative form. While most films are still shot in the traditional way, with actors interacting with each other in front of a green screen, dramatization has become an essential tool in the filmmaking process.

This is because of ongoing advancements in technology, which have enabled cinematographers to shoot in almost any environment. This has enabled them to capture moments as they would probably occur in real life, thus increasing the authenticity of the overall performance. Take for example, the 2019 British drama, BAFTA-nominated film, The Laundry, which was shot almost entirely in a clothes warehouse.

The director of the film, Douglas Hickox, was keen to experiment with different filming techniques in order to capture the true nature of the story. It focuses on a group of five friends who are struggling to stay together as they go through a major life transition. The clothes warehouse enabled the director to explore the theme of “conforming” versus “standing out” and how our clothes can shape us.

The fact that a film has been made about this is a fantastic testament to how interesting and relevant this topic still is. It demonstrates how far technology has come in terms of allowing film-makers to explore different themes and topics. It is quite an achievement to see how far technology has enabled film-makers to go, in terms of storytelling and capturing moments as they would probably occur in real life. It’s quite an achievement, all things considered.

4. He Is A Creative Producer Who Has Helped Bring About Many Successful Adaptations

It is not only actors who are able to play many roles; scriptwriters can do the same. With enough practice and dedication, it is possible to transform yourself into a world-class screenwriter. That is exactly what Rob has done. He has not only transformed himself, but he has helped other people to do the same. It was while studying scriptwriting at Royal Holloway, University of London that he met his future wife, Lucy Vandenbossche. The couple then founded the production company, 42, and went on to work on a number of high profile projects. Some of these include the upcoming Woody Allen film, A Rainy Day in New York, Despicable Me 3 and the animated series, Hotel Transylvania. The company also produced the highly-acclaimed romantic comedy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Meg Ryan. This was the first film to be fully adapted from the novel, Four Weddings and a Funeral, by the popular Pakistani writer, Shah Abdul Latif.

The company has a number of prestigious clients, including the BBC, Sky, and Netflix, among others.