The Twilight Saga: New Moon is on its way! To celebrate, let’s take a trip down memory lane to remember some of the best and worst moments from the epic romance series that continues to enthrall and amuse audiences around the world.

Worst Outfit

In the book series, New Moon, Bella is still mourning the loss of her beloved Edward. She doesn’t socialize much with people other than her father, Charlie, and her fellow schoolmates. At the beginning of the film, she’s seen in a black-and-white t-shirt with a skull print on it, a black skirt, and white socks. Her outfit doesn’t really stand out, apart from the skull print, but it’s different from the bright, happy colors she’s used to dressing in and she looks great anyway. The costume designers for this movie really know how to create a timeless look for Bella that will suit any era.

While it’s not the worst outfit she’s ever been given, it’s certainly one of the more sober and mature choices. Not that we’re complaining – it looks fantastic on her.

Most Hilarious Scene

In Twilight, the Volturi give Bella a graduation present – a giant, venomous centipede! That’s right, they filled her room with hundreds of the creepy crawlies – and leave her to deal with them. The terrified teenager throws herself on the floor, pleading with the insectimalists for help. She even starts shrieking like a little girl, which brings one of the Volturi to knock on her door and inquire as to why she’s making so much noise. While this may not seem like the funniest scene ever, this was actually one of the highlights of the movie. It’s not often that you get to see a teenager have a nervous breakdown over a gift like this.

In a nutshell, this scene is what made us fall in love with the rebellious, yet still somewhat sweet, Bella. Seeing her reaction to this terrifying gift made it all the more heartbreaking when she had to part ways with Edward. It was like they knew just how to bring out the best in her.

Most Surprising Twist

We didn’t see this one coming. When we first saw the movie, Bella is seen wearing a plain white T-shirt and some black leggings. The next scene shows her in a gorgeous, embellished white wedding dress with a long train. We’re not sure if she has changed into another shirt or if the filmmakers just switched cameras, but that dress makes her look like a different person. It takes us by surprise because, while we knew the outcome of the film, we didn’t expect to see Bella look quite like that. Especially since she’s not really a big fan of weddings and all the attention that goes with it.

When the wedding is over and the smoke has cleared, we see Bella in tears. She’s given the most amazing present and now has to deal with the consequences. The dress wasn’t cheap, so there must have been some kind of trick behind it.

Most Dazzling Scene

The whole movie is pretty dazzling, but there’s one scene in particular that’s out of this world. It’s at the very beginning of the film, when the camera lingers on Bella’s extraordinary blue eyes as she walks towards us. Naturally, we’re wondering who she is, where she’s coming from and what she’s planning to do. We soon find out that it’s not only her eyes that are extraordinary, but her whole face – and body, for that matter. It’s one eye-catching shot that really puts Bella’s extraordinary beauty front and center.

Best Outfit

We’ll begin with the outfit that made us fall in love with Bella in the first place. In Twilight, she wears white and red, which are her favorite colors. These appear to be her running or swimming pants, a T-shirt with a big, blooming flower on it, and some strappy sandals. These will be her constant attire in the sequels as well. While it’s not the fanciest outfit ever, it’s certainly one of the most stunning. It’s almost as if the filmmakers were paying homage to Little House on the Prairie, which also happens to be one of Bella’s favorite television shows.

Most Beautiful Scene

One of the most touching scenes in Twilight is when Bella finally gets to see Edward’s family. She’s traveled across the country to meet with them and celebrate his graduation from college. The whole family turns up in an elegant, yet warm, greeting. As the parents and grandparents embrace their grandchildren, it’s clear that love and acceptance are the keys to a successful, happy family. This scene shows the beautiful interplay between the familial bonds and their acceptance of Bella. It really is one of the most heart-wrenching and uplifting scenes in the entire trilogy.

Funniest Scene

One of the funniest scenes in Twilight is when Bella meets the Volturi, the five vampire masters who serve as her Graduation Present. They arrive at her father’s house in a big, black Chevrolet Suburban. To make a long story short, they turn out to be really funny, sarcastic characters. The whole encounter is quite a comic scene and it really highlights how amusing vampires can be. There’s something about their snide comments and their one-liners that is just so much fun to hear.

Most Unexpected Character

Jake is the best kind of character – he isn’t really a character at all. In Twilight, Bella falls for his laidback, California charm and charmingly naivete. She initially mistakes his easygoing nature for arrogance and snobbery, but his true colors are far from that. What’s more, he is the only character in the trilogy whose motivations and actions remain unpredictable. It is not only his feelings for Bella that confound the reader, but also his relationships with other characters. Essentially, we meet a character who is not at all what we expect, and that’s half the fun. He is the anti-hero of Twilight and that’s exactly what makes him so relatable. He isn’t a conventional romantic lead and that’s what makes him interesting.

Most Memorable Scene

There are many memorable scenes in Twilight, but none quite like the one where Bella tells Edward goodbye for the last time. We’ve been following their story since the very first book and have seen them grow from children to teenagers to adults. It has been both a celebration of their love and a tragedy of their loss. The moment when she has to finally let go of everything she loves is one of the most heart-breaking scenes in the entire series.

It’s an incredible, showstopping climax to an incredibly emotional film. The way that it was shot and the music that accompanies it are just perfect. We won’t spoil it for you, but just know that it’s one of the most memorable scenes in Twilight and will be hard to forget.

It’s been 12 years since Edward left Bella and their fans still mourn the loss of one of the most iconic love stories of all time. The fact that New Moon is finally here is more than enough reason to celebrate, but we’re sure that there are many more reasons why you should be glad that this day has come. Maybe now that Bella is a bit older, she’ll realize that while Edward’s absence has not been easy for her, it has not been totally useless. It’s been a blessing in disguise and she’s finally found the man that she can spend the rest of her life with. We’re sure that this time around, she’ll make the right choice and save her family once again. We’re looking forward to seeing how the saga continues.