It’s been a minute since we heard from “Rooney”, the 28-year-old British actor who plays the title character in the new Robert Pattinson film, Cosmopolis. Since our last update, Rooney has been featured in several major films, including Black Swan, The King’s Speech, and Snow White and the Huntsman, but has been mostly absent from Hollywood’s big posters. Now, it’s time for him to catch up, and he does so with a vengeance in Cosmopolis.

An Allegory Of Our Times

The new Rooney character in Cosmopolis is called Eric Packer, and he’s the sophisticated, hip, and wealthy son of a billionaire real-estate developer. Born and raised in New York City, Packer is a graduate of Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. A serial entrepreneur and innovator, he creates unique businesses that provide him with a source of income and gratification (or both). One of these companies, COPA, offers a premium vodka that’s so popular in fashionable circles that it has its own fanclub on social networking site, Facebook. In the film, Packer is described as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, and that’s a fitting characterization. If you’re looking for a movie that offers an allegory for our time, then this is the one for you. It’s not every day that you get to see an elite member of society represented on the big screen, and Rooney does a magnificent job portraying Packer.

A Stunning Appearance

Another important aspect of Cosmopolis is its stunning appearance. While the film was largely shot in and around the French capital, with some exquisite locales in Paris itself, the majority of it was actually shot on a soundstage in Elstree, England. Director and co-writer, David Cronenberg, chose to film in England for various reasons including the gorgeous weather and to be able to employ some of Hollywood’s top talent (including Rooney). In Paris, the cinematography was beautifully done, and it added to the dreamlike atmosphere of the film. However, the dreamlike atmosphere is also the result of the stunning visual style of the film’s cinematographer, Tom Stern. His eye for light and composition is evident in every frame of the movie, and it truly is a work of art.

The Cast Of Stars

Another aspect of Cosmopolis that makes it so special is its absolutely stellar cast. The film boasts an impressive group of Oscar winners and nominees, including Cate Blanchett, Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, and Meryl Streep. It also has some familiar faces from TV, including Rupert Everett, David Cross, Wendy Crewson, and Katherine Parkinson from The Crown and Mountain Dreamer, as well as the popular British actress, Hayley Atwell. Everyone in the cast is beautiful, and for the most part, they all fit the part well. The major exception is Spacey, who is notably heavier than the other male characters in the film. While it’s not entirely clear, it almost feels like the director wanted to subvert our gender expectations, and for the most part, that’s what makes Cosmopolis so special.

If you’re a fan of the film or of Robert Pattinson then our congratulations on your new found love. The film offers some wonderful performances and is an important piece of art. While it may not be for everyone, it almost certainly is for the more discerning audience member. If you’re curious as to what all the fuss is about, then you can read our review by clicking here.